As you all may know by now, I fractured my left elbow on Friday at Songfest practice. I did, however, dominate Saturday night with a crippled arm. Many funny stories to tell but it hurts like hell trying to type right now! If you see me in my sling, remind yourself to not take for granted the gloriousness of arms, even the one you don't write with!


Have a happy thanksgiving if I can't type before then!
And don't make fun of me to my face, kids! :):):):):):)



Howdy and Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I would like to start off with:
Potential Pet Peeves:
1. Away messages with sexual connotations. Example: “I’m in the shower. Try hard not to think about it.” “In bed, studying of course! What else would I be doing, WINK!”
2. Those people in my dance class that are not, and have never been dancers, so in class they pretty much stand there, trying to figure out what’s going on. But somehow they always manage to “sprain” their knee or “roll” their ankle in dance class. My question is how…..you don’t even dance, kiddo.
3. Sickeningly rich kids who take on a new sport and buy all the best equipment. They don’t know how to use it, and end up giving up on it anyway. Onto a new sport!

I had my first immersion into the Dewey Decimal System at Evans Library today. After stupidly asking where I could apply for a library card, the cute guy at the circulation desk reminds me that my AGGIE CARD is the know all, end all, of everything, including checking out library books.
I preceded to carry around my lime green map from floor to floor, in search of my books for my research paper, which is due next week. After crawling around on my hands and knees, and then squeezing me and Big Yello (that’s my backpack’s name) in those little bitty aisles between bookshelves, I came out. Not only did I emerge with four books, but also a new sense of self. I survived and thrived at the STACKS!

Do y’all think that Dewey Decimal ever got married? What an intelligent man!

I registered this morning, and well, got nothing I needed. I thought as we got older, it was supposed to get easier? Nah. I imagine a picture in my head of a little college degree laughing me in the face.

We had a whoa Naaman reunion at lunch today. Me, Rami, Prater, and Richard were there, along with our two guests from Lake Highlands, Katie and Mark. I felt bad for the two of them cause we were going off about old times. It’s just that us NFHS peeps never EVER get together, and when we do, we talk a lot.

After I got home I was in kinda a bluh mood, but luckily Brett asked me if I wanted to run and go get a CD with him. Can I just say I love little random things like that, because it’s fun and unexpected. Maybe that should be my new mantra.

“my name is cortney. two words. fun. unexpected.”

Now I’m chillin and getting my life together because next week will be one of those weeks, and my mom and two sisters are coming in tomorrow night!!!
And SONGFEST is SATURDAY!!! My hard work will finally be presented to thousands of people! This is my most hated and loved time of the year. It’s stress, but it’s my moment to be myself.

When I’m on stage performing, the world is right. If anyone has ever wondered who I really am, it’s the person you see on stage. Dancing is my passion; the very heart and soul of Cortney…

On a lighter note, I tore a Blue Baker coupon out of the paper today. Looks like I’m going to have to hit up some more T-giving on Bread!!!

“Take a look around and tell me what you see…you’ll find me, underneath…”



“No I in the Team” – I wanna say that’s in a Nelly song. It has to be.

This week has been a “Cortney should be sleeping but can’t seem to do it” week. I’m just really hyped up on the adrenaline I think. Songfest is this weekend, and being a Songfest chair has been, well, let’s just say its NOT a cake and ice cream party. I’m perplexed. I love performing and dancing and being onstage cause I never get to do it anymore…and the other part of me is ready to get the stress done.

Life is going smoothly for the moment, and I’m actually in a great mood.

I realized today how incredibly lucky I am!!!!
Tuesday/Thursday lunches are the highlight of what have the potential to be incredibly annoying days.

Katie – I cannot believe a nonchalant “yeah lets room together” turned into an “UH”-mazing friend. This girl is my rock, my sister, my confidant, my “mom”, but most of all my best friend.
Kristy – Has a heart of gold when it comes to caring for other people, especially me. She’s doing Songfest because she knows how much it means to me for her to be there…and she knows I love her being there!
Raba – She never lies to me, ever. And she always gives me confidence to be myself…because she makes me feel that I have so much to offer this world, even when I’m at my lowest point.
And then there’s Marky Mark who never fails to laugh at AND with me! And he completely gets my sense of humor, whereas most people think I’m on something. Everybody dance!

Maybe I don’t wanna trade lives with Britney after all.

I have TWO Britney albums now, one of which I got at 12:01 last night at the Super Wal-Mart in Bryan, one of which was a gift from one of our new girls, as encouragement for Songfest. HOW COOL.
Might I add there were TWICE as many guys waiting to get one as there were girls.
Rating: 7 right now, lots of sexual songs.

And I just realized how sappy this Blog is. This is not me! Okay, maybe I just hit a soft spot today. I’ll be back to normal tomorrow, but I’ll still love my friends. J

Ending every remark in an instant messenger chat with a period.
Example: “I am so excited.” “That is great.” “You are my hero.”

Dedicating every away message to the love of your life. Well, the love for the time being.
Example: “I’m in class, but I’d rather be with you!” “Why go to sleep when being awake is a dream!” “If Heaven was on earth it would be your dorm room.”

“It starts with an S
And ends with a Fest,
Don’t know what it is?
I’ll help you guess!
Dancing and singing girls and boys,
On a stage makin some noise,
My entire hope for this next week,
Is for our noise to become qual-it-tee!”

“if you really wanna battle saddle up and get your rhythm…”


A chance to rest is a chance to write!

We had initiation last night and this morning, so I took a very long, and very much needed nap today! AFTER I hit up Blue Baker with Ben for lunch! I had the November Special today, which I like to call

2 slices of cranberry-walnut bread hugging a pile of fresh turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. PERFECTION.

I thought about you Thursday night Jeffrey! I was at da Salty Dog gettin my dance on when the DJ started spinning Skee-Lo's "I Wish". I WAS the only girl, actually person, who knew the lyrics to the first half of the song, but aint no shame in my game, I kept to singing as if you were there with me!

Thursday was a good night for me. I got to dance and get my mind off things that drag me down.

Friday was Red Ass Aggie Day. Me, Katie, Raba, and Stacy headed out to Easterwood to see the Aggie Football Team off to Mizzou, where they lost BTW. Anyway, I definitely got to see Jaxson Appel talk in person, and the four of us have decided that the epitome of hotness wears jersey numba 19!
As the football team headed out to their plane, so cool guys thought we should do yells. I entertained this idea, even though a guy in business casual and some other random dude were our "yell leaders".
But then things got worse. They forced us to sing "Hullabaloo" as the team was loading the plane. This was kinda dumb, but I'm sure they could see us swaying so, ok. But then we had to sing the "Spirit of Aggieland". Are you kidding me? Once this charade ended, we were up and out of there. TMR- too much redass.

We had a "guy's night" by heading out to Wings N More and chilling in the bar while we supped. I even got a free toothpick in the shape of a buffalo. The 5-minute car ride home was so fun that Raba had to stop it before she drove out of control from laughin so hard.
All I can say is "Airforce One, coming in for landing!"

We started initiation goodies around 10 pm and got done around 11:30 today. I am proud to say that I scared the hell out of one of the pledges with my stand-up cardboard Britney.

Bright Spot of the Day: Seeing an older, yet happy Asian fella walking across University Drive, proudly sporting his maroon Texas A&M University t-shirt tucked into his khaki shorts. How could you NOT smile?

"What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD! Alrite,alrite,alrite,alrite,alrite...."

"I got no need for wastin' time,
On guys who got no sense or spine,
Gotta keep those standards up where they once was,
To keep my heart safe from all these DUDS!"



I never knew people could have so much fun camping out at Kyle Field. It's almost better than living in a sorority house. They play ping pong, they watch "Smallville", they study accouting, and they eat cake! And all in the comforts of the Zone. Why didn't I think of that?

Don't you just hate when you swear you saw something, but when you go back to look at it, its not there? :)

Today is Thursday, meaning it somewhat resembles Tuesday. I have morning class and then a big break, so I'm gonna try and get all registered up for Winter Term! And then I'll be TWO hours off getting my ring in April, dern it!

Britney's new album comes out Tuesday! 5 more days till I'm in the zone!

Props to the weekend, because it makes everything better. Except for Sunday evenings after 4!
Being mad is so much better than feeling sorry for yourself.



Today, I'm going to ROCK THE RANT.

Advice to myself: Never again date a guy whose name has the same number of syllables as "jackass". There's always a reason why this is so.

Why am I so trusting of people? Is it wrong to assume that people are generally good and honest citizens of this wonderful country? Is it crazy that I live by the golden rule, and thought that everyone else did too?

I've got to learn to listen to my heart, and my friends, and take this in as a good learning experience!

Enough with the frogs, bring on a prince! Preferably a non-smoking, uncowardly, sober more often than not one, please! :)

May I add that the vegetables and more costume website last night DID cheer me up. I'm thinking about having some friends dress up as the robot and baked clam for my next party!

"To all your friends, you're delirious...so consumed, in all your doom...tryin hard to fill the emptiness, the pieces gone, left the puzzle undone...."-CA

Have a great day....and take my advice!

-c. Flow-


YEAH for Tuesdays....kidding, Tuesdays aren't that fun, but today was! I had dance and then no class for the rest of the day, so I stayed and ate lunch with all my friends, and ran into a whole lot more! Nicole and Claire were both in the MSC. I ate lunch with Amanda, Katie, and Francois, and then Kevin and Mark came to join us, and I ended up finishing off the day going with Mark to see Lamba Chi's campgrounds over at Kyle Field. They have tents, pillows and blankets, a couch, a table, and an X Box. Are you kidding me? That sounds like fun! Let's hope they get some good seats.

I just looked down at my planner and remembered what my new ambition is. After trying to draw Mark a fedora, which is a hat that I want really bad, it ended up looking like poo. So I decided I want to be like that melting clock artist. Mark calls him Salvador Dali or something. Kidding, I know who the dude is. Anyway, I'm going to draw stuff on fire, instead of melting. So in my planner, I've got a fedora on fire next to a winged smily face, who is also on fire.

Maybe I should sell it on E Bay.

Last night we did the pub crawlin thang for Francois' b day! Which consisted of us standing there and watching him take shots.....so we took pictures of ourselves, like girls do! It was a good time with my friends. Life is good when you have fun just hanging out no matter where you are!

Cortneyism of the Day:
"How come when millions of people out there care about us, we spend time worrying about the ones who don't."

I can't believe I have 3 weeks left of school. Did y'all know that I'M done December 12th? Sheesh.
Ah well, time to be off and up out.



It's only been a little over a week, so I'm not that late!
I made it thru my Challenge of the Week: IT was not to get on my Instant Messenger....I'm glad that's over with!

What a weekend!

My very FIRST themed dinner party with my best friends Amanda, Katie, Kristy, and Court! There was lasagna, veggies, bread, and a "Cortini". The drink smelled good, but we all know c.Flow couldn't handle it! We even had italian music! My roommate went and bought plastic vegetables and streamers at the dollar store to decorate. Is there anyone cooler than Katie? Hmmm.....nope! :)
After that, we went to Northgate to watch Katie's friend Erin dunk her ring. Soon, that outing turned sour....wanna know why? let's just say I saw something I wasn't prepared to, but should have expected....ask me! Anyways, we dropped that joint and headed out to the Tap to meet up with one of MY fav people, Marky Mark, and his funky bunch of Lambda Chi's. Rating: Music good, big girls on tables, not so good!

Went down to H Town to see Emily's boyfriend Greg's band play. (Link on right)
They were excellent, and it was a good time. Richard went with me! It's so nice to have a friend that is so open minded about music, he never says no! I got to see Emily's family again after a long time, so it was exciting. After Close Call played, we headed out ,and I fell back asleep on the way home, like I did on the way there as well. Did I mention this was the second day I was doped up on benadryl? That stuff will do a number on ya....

The Greek Week parade sucked. It rained during the awards cermony, and the catered BBQ turned into Sloshy Joes. EWWW! So I headed home to Dallas. My 14 year old sister Emily was having her first boy girl party and my mother desparately needed help chaperoning.

If I ever have kids.....they are never turning 14.

The party commences with the blaring of a Good Charlotte album. That can be fixed, we just closed the doors to keep the sound out. Then, my sister's disco ball breaks and this kid Corbin decides it'd be funny to smash the thing out out in the street. Then, they decide to play spin the bottle, and for the hour we hear them chanting "LIPS, LIPS, LIPS!" and my other sister Sarah, who is older than Emily, gets pissed off because her 14 year old sister gets to kiss someone, and she never has. I assured her that spin the bottle isn't real kissing. Especially not with a Fowler girl!

We thought the pain was over once the kids were gone. But Corbin left suprises. Around the entire frickin house!

The kid who decimated the disco ball stuck pieces of candy into every nook and cranny of our downstairs floor imaginable. This morning, I found a Snickers in the washer and dryer. My mom found a Twix in the ice dispenser. There were gumballs in the disposal. A Pay Day in the microwave.
What does this mean for Corbin?
If he comes near our house again, my mom will prolly shove candy up his nose.
Did I mention the chocolate in the toilet and the candy bar on the ledge OUTSIDE my sister's window?

If you're still reading......there's a new toy called PIPI MAX. IT's an electronic dog that hikes its right hind leg up and urinates. Snaps for the realism there!

And this one's for Mark.....EXTREME SNOWBOARD GAME! We need to buy that one, Wizzle.
Along with the Flava dolls!

Ok, I gots to be off and up out! Talk to y'alls around!