YAYA for a fun day!!!
But you know what is funner? My roommate. Katie is probably the coolest person I know. Because that is Katie.
(if anyone else would like a shout out, lemme know)

TODAY was a wonderfully awesome day, and it started out with a bang. Literally.

So there's this boy....isn't that how we always start out stories? Anyways, I saw him walking while I was on the bus! I got really excited because the bus was about to stop, and if I timed it just right, I would make it off the bus and perfectly "run into" him. And don't tell me no other girls do that. So here goes: Bus stops. Cortney fights through a sea of people while keeping her eye on the prize that is making his way down the sidewalk. He picks up his pace, and so does Cortney. Finally Cort breaks free of the bus mob, and is heading for the outdoors! BANG! Cortney forgets to use STEPS to get off the bus, and ends up on the ground.
Needless to say, I did not yell after this particular boy. Chances are he would definitely not offer acknowledgement.

After battlin through class I made it to the MSC, my favorite part of the afternoon. There I ran into this guy I had met a while back at a party. I finally figured out why he looks so familiar, and its because he's a spittin image of Wade Robson. Any normal girl with eyes would agree that the best word for him is "hot". Everyone was trying to tell me he was gay, mostly because he's kinda pretty and he's a really good dancer, and the first time I met him, he was wearing pink. I just thought he was self actualized.
WRONGNESS!!! He proceeds to tell me that they had a costume party for an organization he's in. "What did you wear?" I asked. "A pink tube top and skirt with knee high boots."
Umm......maybe my gaydometer WAS NOT working that night, because now I have seen the obvious.

Good thing I have someone to consult with on salons, which is where the conversation headed after that. ;-)

A good day will hopefully commence with a great night!

"Lil C. Flow and Miss Shorty K,
Livin it up on this sunny day,
She reads da books and I write da rhymes,
Chill wit us?! You betta get in line.."

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