"Events so strange you'd think we were livin' in Austin!"
Installment One

October 16, 2003:
Mark, Richie, and I are sitting outside the MSC. Out of the corner of my left eye, a black girl approaches wearing combat boots and a long black cape with a hood. I know, a black girl on campus something seen not too often. But one in a cape? I am thoroughly suprised, and informed that yes, she wears that cape everyday. WOW.
And so she's walking, and coming towards her is an Asian guy. On a bike. In a tuxedo. As he passes cape girl, they swiftly share a "HIGH FIVE".
After being astonished, and then glad that I was there to see that, I laughed heartily for, well, I am STILL laughing.

October 25, 2003:
Riding in a car down Harvey. In the turn lane to our left is a guy trying to get across the intersection. It'd probably be easier if he wasn't in a motorized wheelchair. On game days....you gotta be prepared to see the worst.

That's all for now....but I'll be back!


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