Quote of the Year: "Shake it like a polaroid picture." Its almost not cool anymore, because everyone's saying it.....

OF course I'm not gonna forget to say that!
I'll be out dressed as, HELLO, Britney again this year on Northgate. Where will YOU be?

So its been an awkward week. I had a test on Monday, and then we had our sorority scholarship banquet at a bar, and had to get out of there before Monday night football started. Normal!

My wonderful roommate and I, who are DEFINITELY red-ass Aggies now, forgot to pull our tickets for the game versus Kansas on Saturday. That's what happens when you don't normally do it yourself! Being spoiled is too fun sometimes.

We saw cape girl again yesterday! But this time she wasn't wearing shoes. Did you know you can go to class without shoes on?

We had our date party last night! Grant was sweet and decided not to drink for me. awwww....
ANYWAYS, we watched The Shining out on big blankets, and made s'mores at a campfire. It was pretty fun except that the movie was on this sort of timer thing, so every 30 minutes or so, the picture would shut off and the sound would keep going. SO other than the movie being ghetto, it was a good time.

Then I had to come back home and review for my test that I had at 8 o clock this morning! Whats bad is that I studied twice as much for this one, and got a lower grade. BAH! I hate school. It interferes with life, basically.

Fun Story of the Week: This one's really good, I wish it would have happened to me!
Katie (the roomie) was walking though the parking lot and accidentally hit a rearview mirror as she was passing between cars. Turns out there was someone sitting in the car she banged, so she kinda chuckled and waved at the driver of the vehicle. Turns out it was Cardo, of Former Yell Leader fame. You know, the short one with the nasal voice? It was an exciting story. Thanks Katie!

Now I must go and clean, you know stuff that girls do! SIKE!


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