Yesterday was fun, EXCEPT for the Cubs losing, so I thought I'd Blog it up!
Yes, I do own a Yankees hat, but it is purely for fashion purposes. If anyone wants to buy me Red Sox gear, I'd sport it like there was no tomorrow.

Just a reminder for all you Baylor fans...final score 73-10, Ags pounded you fellas!

HOLLA for two straight weeks of tests, and being done when? How about RIGHT NOW!

After class I hit up the Rec and the store, and then went to dinner @ Olive Garden with Grant....:):):):):):):):):):):)
And then we had Songfest practice, where I taught em Dirty Pop, and Pi Phis are lookin hot...you really shouldn't miss the show.

THEN it was Sig Ep Pajama Crush Partay @ the Library (the BAR, not the real one)
And Rami was there! Well, his body was, but I think thats about as far as it got, if you know what I'm sayin. I doubt he wakes up for awhile.

This weekend everyone's either goin home or out of town, so I'm gon chill, along with updatin the Bloggggg.....

"Don't hate da playa,
Hate da game,
And peeps you don't like,
Well don't act da same,
Be yourself and act how you feel,
Cause ain't nothin better than being real."

Inspirational, WHAT?!
See, I have a sense of humor and a soft side. Boo-yah.


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