I get so much done since I have one 8 o clock class!!!

So in my ONE class today, we compiled two lists. Keep in mind this IS a sociology class, blah blah blah. The girls made a list of the "IDEAL" man, and the boys, an "IDEAL" woman. I just want y'all gals to see what they hade to say. Apparently, we have a lot to work up to...or do we?

THE IDEAL WOMAN, as written by the men of Sports Sociology 319:
1. Cooks and Cleans
2. Family, not career-oriented
3. Emotionally stable
4. Big boobs and butt
5. Educated
6. Can take her home to Mom, but is a freak in the bedroom
7. Has a job, but its not that important to her
8. Sense of humor
9. Likes sports, but doesn't know more than her man.
10. Fertile
11. Understand the value of "guy time"
12. Independent, but just a little needy

No wonder they make blow up dolls.

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