Had dinner with Rami, his roommate Chris, and Pierce tonight. I find it funny that they all admitted that dating one person is pretty cool. It's just so much easier, and much better on the schedule, and easier than having to try and meet people all the time. I agree!

We lost to OK State today, and it rained like hell at the game, but I stayed the whole time!!!! (Did get there a little late, but who noticed?)

I decided a lot of things about my life this weekend. I will sum it up with this:
I am going to be a full fledged college student from now on. I am going to have loads of hours of worthless fun just because. I will not read into anything anyone says because, hello, its college. I will not search for meaning or deepness unless asked, because its easier this way. Life is simple in college, they say. And I'm gonna make it that way. I will do what I want when I want, and will not feel bad about not wanting to do or not do stuff. I will not get upset anymore when my friends say they'll call, and then they don't, because I'm allowed to do this to them as well. I will meet as many people as possible, in the hopes that I will OWN this school by the time I'm done with MY victory lap. And I will be here longer why? because, that's what you do in college.

Life is about having fun being yourself. Then, someone comes along who loves you being yourself.
And that may be the most wonderful thing in the world.

And I'm blaming THAT outburst on the stupid chick flicks down the hall, hence the reason I don't and won't watch them. Who would ever wanna hang out with me if I was always like that. I wouldn't even wanna BE me.

Congrats to those enjoying the extra hour tonight! Party or sleep yo booty off!

SMILE of the DAY: I sat across the room from Former Prez and First Lady Bush, and Rick Perry at a lunch today, yeah!!! :)

And I'm out....DEUCE!

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