The AGS definitely did NOT have a good weekend, but I did!

The week ended out good; I saw pretty much every person I know at the Hall on Thursday night, and Friday I headed up to Garland for a little high school football!

Naaman Forest beat North Garland 24-23, with about a minute left. These kids are unbelievable! I was so excited that I stood up because I wanted to! My mom yelled the loudest of anyone there, and boy was I proud to be an alumnae. HA!

My little sister Sarah performed at halftime and was oh so cute. IT's so weird seeing her wear my old uniform....
I went and visited the team in the stands after halftime to do the obligatory "Former Captain's Speech" and then I quickly went and sat down.....my old drill team director wasn't there because she met some guy on the internet and decided to go to Colorado with him. Lots of class, that woman.

Anyway, I went to eat dinner with my mom and sisters after the game, and then I went home, because a lot of my best friends were in town!!! Brett was in Allen, and Katie, Amanda, and Francois had all been watching a movie @ Loews. So I told everyone they had to come and see Patches!!! So we all had a big Aggie Reunion in my kitchen.

Can I just say how wonderful it is to have my CS friends in Garland? Garland was such a horrible place to be this summer, and having these people come into my home made it so much easier to be there. Daddy has taken so much furniture that it just doesn'f feel the same anymore!

After they came to say hi we all went to Waffle House! We took pictures of mullets with Brett's camera phone, and talked about some guy's car called the "Superstreet". Then we went our separate ways! Me and Brett talked for a while at my house, and then it was bedtime!

I had mommy talk over a late b-fast Saturday morning and headed it back down to Aggieland. Once I got here, I ran my errands and crashed like WHOA! I woke up in time to watch the AGS get trampled by the losers from Lubbock!

Sundays....long days! I passed out on the comfy couches last night, work up and had to go straight to a group project meeting, into my step class, where the lights went out, got stuck in the REC for 30 minutes while Hurricane Aggie passed over, drove over to the house for Exec meeting, and went downstairs to a canceled Songfest practice. Blah blah blah.

This week I have three tests, and then Saturday, I hope we beat the hell outta Baylor, WHOOP!

Ludacris' "Chicken and Beer" comes out on Tuesday...will I go get it? Maybe if I get my car back too! :)


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