Quote of the Year: "Shake it like a polaroid picture." Its almost not cool anymore, because everyone's saying it.....

OF course I'm not gonna forget to say that!
I'll be out dressed as, HELLO, Britney again this year on Northgate. Where will YOU be?

So its been an awkward week. I had a test on Monday, and then we had our sorority scholarship banquet at a bar, and had to get out of there before Monday night football started. Normal!

My wonderful roommate and I, who are DEFINITELY red-ass Aggies now, forgot to pull our tickets for the game versus Kansas on Saturday. That's what happens when you don't normally do it yourself! Being spoiled is too fun sometimes.

We saw cape girl again yesterday! But this time she wasn't wearing shoes. Did you know you can go to class without shoes on?

We had our date party last night! Grant was sweet and decided not to drink for me. awwww....
ANYWAYS, we watched The Shining out on big blankets, and made s'mores at a campfire. It was pretty fun except that the movie was on this sort of timer thing, so every 30 minutes or so, the picture would shut off and the sound would keep going. SO other than the movie being ghetto, it was a good time.

Then I had to come back home and review for my test that I had at 8 o clock this morning! Whats bad is that I studied twice as much for this one, and got a lower grade. BAH! I hate school. It interferes with life, basically.

Fun Story of the Week: This one's really good, I wish it would have happened to me!
Katie (the roomie) was walking though the parking lot and accidentally hit a rearview mirror as she was passing between cars. Turns out there was someone sitting in the car she banged, so she kinda chuckled and waved at the driver of the vehicle. Turns out it was Cardo, of Former Yell Leader fame. You know, the short one with the nasal voice? It was an exciting story. Thanks Katie!

Now I must go and clean, you know stuff that girls do! SIKE!



Quote of the day: On joining a frat at Texas A&M: "It's like going to a steak restaurant and ordering seafood." Any guesses to what he's in? :)

I decided that since a cold front came through today, I'd be the first to mention this.
Aggies are retarded when it comes to the first sign of cold weather. Come to campus tomorrow morning and everyone's gonna be dressed up like they're going skiing in the Arctic. And I won't be wrong about this, because it's happened the past two years, people.

"The party's where YOU'RE at!" - Jagged Edge, singing about me, obviously.
"Events so strange you'd think we were livin' in Austin!"
Installment One

October 16, 2003:
Mark, Richie, and I are sitting outside the MSC. Out of the corner of my left eye, a black girl approaches wearing combat boots and a long black cape with a hood. I know, a black girl on campus something seen not too often. But one in a cape? I am thoroughly suprised, and informed that yes, she wears that cape everyday. WOW.
And so she's walking, and coming towards her is an Asian guy. On a bike. In a tuxedo. As he passes cape girl, they swiftly share a "HIGH FIVE".
After being astonished, and then glad that I was there to see that, I laughed heartily for, well, I am STILL laughing.

October 25, 2003:
Riding in a car down Harvey. In the turn lane to our left is a guy trying to get across the intersection. It'd probably be easier if he wasn't in a motorized wheelchair. On game days....you gotta be prepared to see the worst.

That's all for now....but I'll be back!

Had dinner with Rami, his roommate Chris, and Pierce tonight. I find it funny that they all admitted that dating one person is pretty cool. It's just so much easier, and much better on the schedule, and easier than having to try and meet people all the time. I agree!

We lost to OK State today, and it rained like hell at the game, but I stayed the whole time!!!! (Did get there a little late, but who noticed?)

I decided a lot of things about my life this weekend. I will sum it up with this:
I am going to be a full fledged college student from now on. I am going to have loads of hours of worthless fun just because. I will not read into anything anyone says because, hello, its college. I will not search for meaning or deepness unless asked, because its easier this way. Life is simple in college, they say. And I'm gonna make it that way. I will do what I want when I want, and will not feel bad about not wanting to do or not do stuff. I will not get upset anymore when my friends say they'll call, and then they don't, because I'm allowed to do this to them as well. I will meet as many people as possible, in the hopes that I will OWN this school by the time I'm done with MY victory lap. And I will be here longer why? because, that's what you do in college.

Life is about having fun being yourself. Then, someone comes along who loves you being yourself.
And that may be the most wonderful thing in the world.

And I'm blaming THAT outburst on the stupid chick flicks down the hall, hence the reason I don't and won't watch them. Who would ever wanna hang out with me if I was always like that. I wouldn't even wanna BE me.

Congrats to those enjoying the extra hour tonight! Party or sleep yo booty off!

SMILE of the DAY: I sat across the room from Former Prez and First Lady Bush, and Rick Perry at a lunch today, yeah!!! :)

And I'm out....DEUCE!


I get so much done since I have one 8 o clock class!!!

So in my ONE class today, we compiled two lists. Keep in mind this IS a sociology class, blah blah blah. The girls made a list of the "IDEAL" man, and the boys, an "IDEAL" woman. I just want y'all gals to see what they hade to say. Apparently, we have a lot to work up to...or do we?

THE IDEAL WOMAN, as written by the men of Sports Sociology 319:
1. Cooks and Cleans
2. Family, not career-oriented
3. Emotionally stable
4. Big boobs and butt
5. Educated
6. Can take her home to Mom, but is a freak in the bedroom
7. Has a job, but its not that important to her
8. Sense of humor
9. Likes sports, but doesn't know more than her man.
10. Fertile
11. Understand the value of "guy time"
12. Independent, but just a little needy

No wonder they make blow up dolls.



Yesterday was fun, EXCEPT for the Cubs losing, so I thought I'd Blog it up!
Yes, I do own a Yankees hat, but it is purely for fashion purposes. If anyone wants to buy me Red Sox gear, I'd sport it like there was no tomorrow.

Just a reminder for all you Baylor fans...final score 73-10, Ags pounded you fellas!

HOLLA for two straight weeks of tests, and being done when? How about RIGHT NOW!

After class I hit up the Rec and the store, and then went to dinner @ Olive Garden with Grant....:):):):):):):):):):):)
And then we had Songfest practice, where I taught em Dirty Pop, and Pi Phis are lookin hot...you really shouldn't miss the show.

THEN it was Sig Ep Pajama Crush Partay @ the Library (the BAR, not the real one)
And Rami was there! Well, his body was, but I think thats about as far as it got, if you know what I'm sayin. I doubt he wakes up for awhile.

This weekend everyone's either goin home or out of town, so I'm gon chill, along with updatin the Bloggggg.....

"Don't hate da playa,
Hate da game,
And peeps you don't like,
Well don't act da same,
Be yourself and act how you feel,
Cause ain't nothin better than being real."

Inspirational, WHAT?!
See, I have a sense of humor and a soft side. Boo-yah.



The AGS definitely did NOT have a good weekend, but I did!

The week ended out good; I saw pretty much every person I know at the Hall on Thursday night, and Friday I headed up to Garland for a little high school football!

Naaman Forest beat North Garland 24-23, with about a minute left. These kids are unbelievable! I was so excited that I stood up because I wanted to! My mom yelled the loudest of anyone there, and boy was I proud to be an alumnae. HA!

My little sister Sarah performed at halftime and was oh so cute. IT's so weird seeing her wear my old uniform....
I went and visited the team in the stands after halftime to do the obligatory "Former Captain's Speech" and then I quickly went and sat down.....my old drill team director wasn't there because she met some guy on the internet and decided to go to Colorado with him. Lots of class, that woman.

Anyway, I went to eat dinner with my mom and sisters after the game, and then I went home, because a lot of my best friends were in town!!! Brett was in Allen, and Katie, Amanda, and Francois had all been watching a movie @ Loews. So I told everyone they had to come and see Patches!!! So we all had a big Aggie Reunion in my kitchen.

Can I just say how wonderful it is to have my CS friends in Garland? Garland was such a horrible place to be this summer, and having these people come into my home made it so much easier to be there. Daddy has taken so much furniture that it just doesn'f feel the same anymore!

After they came to say hi we all went to Waffle House! We took pictures of mullets with Brett's camera phone, and talked about some guy's car called the "Superstreet". Then we went our separate ways! Me and Brett talked for a while at my house, and then it was bedtime!

I had mommy talk over a late b-fast Saturday morning and headed it back down to Aggieland. Once I got here, I ran my errands and crashed like WHOA! I woke up in time to watch the AGS get trampled by the losers from Lubbock!

Sundays....long days! I passed out on the comfy couches last night, work up and had to go straight to a group project meeting, into my step class, where the lights went out, got stuck in the REC for 30 minutes while Hurricane Aggie passed over, drove over to the house for Exec meeting, and went downstairs to a canceled Songfest practice. Blah blah blah.

This week I have three tests, and then Saturday, I hope we beat the hell outta Baylor, WHOOP!

Ludacris' "Chicken and Beer" comes out on Tuesday...will I go get it? Maybe if I get my car back too! :)



YAYA for a fun day!!!
But you know what is funner? My roommate. Katie is probably the coolest person I know. Because that is Katie.
(if anyone else would like a shout out, lemme know)

TODAY was a wonderfully awesome day, and it started out with a bang. Literally.

So there's this boy....isn't that how we always start out stories? Anyways, I saw him walking while I was on the bus! I got really excited because the bus was about to stop, and if I timed it just right, I would make it off the bus and perfectly "run into" him. And don't tell me no other girls do that. So here goes: Bus stops. Cortney fights through a sea of people while keeping her eye on the prize that is making his way down the sidewalk. He picks up his pace, and so does Cortney. Finally Cort breaks free of the bus mob, and is heading for the outdoors! BANG! Cortney forgets to use STEPS to get off the bus, and ends up on the ground.
Needless to say, I did not yell after this particular boy. Chances are he would definitely not offer acknowledgement.

After battlin through class I made it to the MSC, my favorite part of the afternoon. There I ran into this guy I had met a while back at a party. I finally figured out why he looks so familiar, and its because he's a spittin image of Wade Robson. Any normal girl with eyes would agree that the best word for him is "hot". Everyone was trying to tell me he was gay, mostly because he's kinda pretty and he's a really good dancer, and the first time I met him, he was wearing pink. I just thought he was self actualized.
WRONGNESS!!! He proceeds to tell me that they had a costume party for an organization he's in. "What did you wear?" I asked. "A pink tube top and skirt with knee high boots."
Umm......maybe my gaydometer WAS NOT working that night, because now I have seen the obvious.

Good thing I have someone to consult with on salons, which is where the conversation headed after that. ;-)

A good day will hopefully commence with a great night!

"Lil C. Flow and Miss Shorty K,
Livin it up on this sunny day,
She reads da books and I write da rhymes,
Chill wit us?! You betta get in line.."