"You can't say I didn't give it, I won't wait another minute, On our way this time around..."

Just got home from H-Town, where I went to see my fav band of all time, Hanson. Just a reminder for those of you that lived in a cave in junior high, yes they are the "MMMBop" guys.

But before I began that fun, I had school! It rained hard again today so I decided to wear my flip flops, thinking that they would serve as the most practical footwear for a gross day.
Could I BE more WRONG!

Not only did I slip and fall on the sidewalk and bang my left knee up LEAVING school, when I got back to the sorority house I slipped and fell AGAIN, and banged up my right knee. So you can call me "Klumsy the Kneecapless".

ANYWAYS! So sums up the excitement of my academic schoolday.
Now onto what you've all been waiting for: the Hanson Concert evaluation!

So we get there kinda late because duh, I'm not a teeny bopper anymore. I had to go to the end of the line to wait for the doors to open, but the perks were that I got to see Zac get out of the bus. Cue SCREAMING CRAZY 16 YEAR OLDS.

Once I got into the club, I squished myself in the middle of a crowd consisting mainly of ages 5-17 year old girls, and gay guys. I forgot how much sugar these kids have in em nowadays. Everything Hanson said was accompanied by a random "I love you Taylor!" or "Zac get naked!" The show was awesome nonetheless cause they played a lot of old and new stuff. And of course, they played the infamous "MMMBop".

The guy in front of me was more hyped than I was, and all the oldtimers around me noticed it....

After the concert we hit up one of my fav late night spots: IHOP, fo shizzle. Then we came home, and I'm about to be off and up out!

"C.Flow's gettin too old for the teenybopper life,
Too many of em around her tonight,
She longs for peeps having ages above 20,
Those who aint got to ask they parents fo money!"



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