Word of the Day: Productive
Use it in a sentence: "Cortney was very productive cause she updated that Blog."

It's Friday, my absolute favorite day of the week, especially this week, because its been my busiest EVER! I had things back to back every night, AND a test at 8 am this morning. Highlight of the week? Trying out for Songfest and making it with three people! Hopefully there will be many more than that on the REAL night of the show.

Anyhoo, week was full of studying, meetings, working, you name it. Last night, after so graciously teaching two aerobics classes in a row, I decided to relax. I attempted to fight my aching for sleep, but I ended up going out with Amie and Natalie anyway. It took us forever, but we finally hit up Club Paradise in Bryan at around midnight.

Much to our dismay, it was 1) EMPTY and 2) Tejano night.

Definitely turned and came home.

I sat in the kitchen w/ Drake, Rodgers, and a plethora of other guests, eating goulash, and meeting a boy that came in with one of our not so sober sisters. While she preceded to start fixing herself chicken, he began a speech on the many benefits of scarfing protein after a workout.

And I quickly made my way upstairs....whew.

Today I DID do a lot of productive stuff, and I even got to hang out with Grant! ;-)

Anyway, tonight is our first date party of the year. Dress is country club prep, place is Wolf Pen Bowling alley. Theme? Pins and Polos. All I can say is....the dj better let me dance in the lanes. Thats all I've ever wanted to do since that dr. pepper commercial with cyndi laupercame on. Marky Mark is going with me, and its gon be tight.

I hope someone forgets to let go of their bowling ball.

"Gettin on in da bowling alley tonight,
Dressed in pearls and polos of white,
Gonna get my dance on and make a strike or two,
And wear the heck out them dang ugly shoes!"

"DJ bring dat back!"-Luda


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