I'm online, but only for a bit!

Lemme just say school is rockin, and I just got done with the awesomest weekend I've had since I've been back in College Station! This is what life is meant to be like, folks!

Even though I started out Friday night with a wreck.....Bummer, everything turned out great!

I got to go out dancing, met a person who may get me the hook ups for a dance career, socialized with a bunch of drunken night owls at Mickey D's, hung out with a couple of new Aggie football players, sat my booty in a beautiful box at Kyle Field, beat the hell outta Utah, walked arm in arm with the gorgeous Commander of K-1, and had a full class to teach this afternoon at the Rec!!!!

Could life get any better? At this moment, NO WAY!!!

So tomorrow I'll wake up to start another morning of another week of school, with a big goofy grin on my face!!! I love love love love life!

And I love you all! Hugs from Aggieland and the sorority house!
And my bruised yellow car!


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