HOLLA! C.Flow is back in action. I was suddenly inspired by a fun day, so here I am bloggin' away.

Right now me and Katie are on latin fire in our room, listening to Ricky Martin's "Cup of Life" !!!!
Then I look over at her computer, where she IS supposed to be doing an application. But is DEFINITELY looking at http://www.mullet.com and saying how fun it would be to go mullet hunting.

I suggest getting a roommate if you're looking for a quick laugh!

ANYHOO, the day started out supa, despite the fact that I'm in class from 8 - 12:30!

I was walking to class, crossing the street, and this big black boy whistles and says "Hey girl!" OF course I turn and flash him Cortney's "oh thats so sweet smile" and I continue strutting to class. Then a short dude behind me says "Umm, do you know who that was?" and I say "no!" and then he says back to me "That was REGGIE McNEAL!"

I must got something going on if the QB of the Fightin Texas Aggie Football Team likes what he sees. ;-)

Other than that, I saw a Corps boy in aviator shades, so I gave him snaps for is keen fashion senses. Aviators are SO hot right now.

Class was, well, class, and I struggled to keep awake. I had 3 meetings and then I had to drop off some stuff at the Rec, and THEN I came home to start my homework. Out of 4 things, I have finished 3. I'm so good!!!

Oh and that wreck I was in? My car goes in on the 29th! YAY!!! Pretty soon it will be back to its beautiful yellow self!

Tomorrow night I'll be in Houston, to see my favorite band of all time....HANSON! I couldn't be more excited, and I can't wait to tell everyone about it, HOLLA.

Until then....DEUCE.

"A to the g to the g-i-e,
Whats that you hearin?
Dawg thats me,
Got the swing in my hips,
A lil style in my walk,
Lookin for sum white boyz,
And leave da black ones in awe.."

Hee hee, that's a good one!

"Is there anyone out there, cause its gettin harder and harder to breathe..."


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