HOLA Senors and Senoritas! This is Cortney, here to blog ya!

Yesterday was wonderful day because HOLLA, it was FRIDAY! I love Fridays b/c you have two free days ahead of you, and you just got done with school, and you know you can do fun stuff the next day.

I had an 8 am class, but its fairly short (50 mins) so it doesn't suck really bad. Then me and Nicole went and pivcked up Amie from her class and we headed over to IHOP for breakfast. I must really like it if I can go there twice, eh? We had so much fun!!!! Getting breakfast on a school morning is liberating, almost as much so as going out out on a Monday thru Wednesday night!

ANYWAYS! I went back out to Rec and hit up the weight room for a couple hours, came home, cleaned, did some work, showered, ate and took a nap. Later on I went to Shake's and to see S.W.A.T. w/ Grant. The movie was pretty good, it just seemed kind of long......? We wanted to see Underworld, but it was so'd out!

Its been so long since I've been to the movies that now I wanna see everything!

Most of the time I get to sleep in on Saturdays, and it makes Friday that much better, but today I got to sub the morning step and abs and back class. At least I got in my workout early!

(HAs anyone ever noticed that once I give my opinion on something, I back it up with a reason? Well, that's prolly why I did so good on the TAAS test, which is no longer active in the state of TEXAS.)

"Sa-tur-day afternoon,
And you know its gonna be night-time soon,
But I'm gon chill cause I got some time,
Ran out of words to finish this rhyme."


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