Not that I necessarily have the time to be doing this, but I have a LOT on my mind!

Problem #1: If I could go back in time, I would have vaporized Sum 41 when I got the chance. Thanks to their wannabe Blink 182 sound, they have now spawned a million knockoff groups. These groups would be: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, The Ataris, and Fountains of Wayne, to name a few, just a few. I am getting so sick of these groups. They play their own instruments, but they hold about as much quality as the boy band boom that happened just a few years back? What happened to the rock/alternative world, and why is it being taken over by a bunch of whiny guys who think picking a random name for their backyard band is gonna change their sound? Give me a frickin BREAK.

Problem #2: After gathering much information from my ever so honest male friends, I have found out that I am now competing not so much with supermodels and Playboy, but with 17 year old celebrities. I must say, I do miss those days when I wish I was taller, thinner, etc...now its....
Attention females: Men now want a women who is just hitting 5 feet tall, recently earned the right to get into and R rated movie, wears glittery makeup, covers her wall in Josh Hartnett posters, and cannot do anything without the signature of a legal guardian.

Looks like I'm gonna have to start dating guys in their 30s......ewww!

ANYWAYS! It's been a long and will continue to get longer day. But a little bit of venting helps you relax, I hear.

Watch for me around town! Since my yellow baby is in the body shop, I have obtained the pimp of all rental cars.
I am the proud driver of a spankin' new, metallic beige 2004 Ford Taurus SE. We're talking a family sedan with the works: power windows, power locks, a cassette deck, A/C, and 5 cupholders- a veritable monster with 4 cylinders.

And I still still can't help but hope my Mustang isn't in the shop for more than the required 15 days.....

"when I fall in love, I'll take my time. there's no need to hurry when I'm makin up my mind..."-JM



Word of the Day: Productive
Use it in a sentence: "Cortney was very productive cause she updated that Blog."

It's Friday, my absolute favorite day of the week, especially this week, because its been my busiest EVER! I had things back to back every night, AND a test at 8 am this morning. Highlight of the week? Trying out for Songfest and making it with three people! Hopefully there will be many more than that on the REAL night of the show.

Anyhoo, week was full of studying, meetings, working, you name it. Last night, after so graciously teaching two aerobics classes in a row, I decided to relax. I attempted to fight my aching for sleep, but I ended up going out with Amie and Natalie anyway. It took us forever, but we finally hit up Club Paradise in Bryan at around midnight.

Much to our dismay, it was 1) EMPTY and 2) Tejano night.

Definitely turned and came home.

I sat in the kitchen w/ Drake, Rodgers, and a plethora of other guests, eating goulash, and meeting a boy that came in with one of our not so sober sisters. While she preceded to start fixing herself chicken, he began a speech on the many benefits of scarfing protein after a workout.

And I quickly made my way upstairs....whew.

Today I DID do a lot of productive stuff, and I even got to hang out with Grant! ;-)

Anyway, tonight is our first date party of the year. Dress is country club prep, place is Wolf Pen Bowling alley. Theme? Pins and Polos. All I can say is....the dj better let me dance in the lanes. Thats all I've ever wanted to do since that dr. pepper commercial with cyndi laupercame on. Marky Mark is going with me, and its gon be tight.

I hope someone forgets to let go of their bowling ball.

"Gettin on in da bowling alley tonight,
Dressed in pearls and polos of white,
Gonna get my dance on and make a strike or two,
And wear the heck out them dang ugly shoes!"

"DJ bring dat back!"-Luda



HOLA Senors and Senoritas! This is Cortney, here to blog ya!

Yesterday was wonderful day because HOLLA, it was FRIDAY! I love Fridays b/c you have two free days ahead of you, and you just got done with school, and you know you can do fun stuff the next day.

I had an 8 am class, but its fairly short (50 mins) so it doesn't suck really bad. Then me and Nicole went and pivcked up Amie from her class and we headed over to IHOP for breakfast. I must really like it if I can go there twice, eh? We had so much fun!!!! Getting breakfast on a school morning is liberating, almost as much so as going out out on a Monday thru Wednesday night!

ANYWAYS! I went back out to Rec and hit up the weight room for a couple hours, came home, cleaned, did some work, showered, ate and took a nap. Later on I went to Shake's and to see S.W.A.T. w/ Grant. The movie was pretty good, it just seemed kind of long......? We wanted to see Underworld, but it was so'd out!

Its been so long since I've been to the movies that now I wanna see everything!

Most of the time I get to sleep in on Saturdays, and it makes Friday that much better, but today I got to sub the morning step and abs and back class. At least I got in my workout early!

(HAs anyone ever noticed that once I give my opinion on something, I back it up with a reason? Well, that's prolly why I did so good on the TAAS test, which is no longer active in the state of TEXAS.)

"Sa-tur-day afternoon,
And you know its gonna be night-time soon,
But I'm gon chill cause I got some time,
Ran out of words to finish this rhyme."



"You can't say I didn't give it, I won't wait another minute, On our way this time around..."

Just got home from H-Town, where I went to see my fav band of all time, Hanson. Just a reminder for those of you that lived in a cave in junior high, yes they are the "MMMBop" guys.

But before I began that fun, I had school! It rained hard again today so I decided to wear my flip flops, thinking that they would serve as the most practical footwear for a gross day.
Could I BE more WRONG!

Not only did I slip and fall on the sidewalk and bang my left knee up LEAVING school, when I got back to the sorority house I slipped and fell AGAIN, and banged up my right knee. So you can call me "Klumsy the Kneecapless".

ANYWAYS! So sums up the excitement of my academic schoolday.
Now onto what you've all been waiting for: the Hanson Concert evaluation!

So we get there kinda late because duh, I'm not a teeny bopper anymore. I had to go to the end of the line to wait for the doors to open, but the perks were that I got to see Zac get out of the bus. Cue SCREAMING CRAZY 16 YEAR OLDS.

Once I got into the club, I squished myself in the middle of a crowd consisting mainly of ages 5-17 year old girls, and gay guys. I forgot how much sugar these kids have in em nowadays. Everything Hanson said was accompanied by a random "I love you Taylor!" or "Zac get naked!" The show was awesome nonetheless cause they played a lot of old and new stuff. And of course, they played the infamous "MMMBop".

The guy in front of me was more hyped than I was, and all the oldtimers around me noticed it....

After the concert we hit up one of my fav late night spots: IHOP, fo shizzle. Then we came home, and I'm about to be off and up out!

"C.Flow's gettin too old for the teenybopper life,
Too many of em around her tonight,
She longs for peeps having ages above 20,
Those who aint got to ask they parents fo money!"




HOLLA! C.Flow is back in action. I was suddenly inspired by a fun day, so here I am bloggin' away.

Right now me and Katie are on latin fire in our room, listening to Ricky Martin's "Cup of Life" !!!!
Then I look over at her computer, where she IS supposed to be doing an application. But is DEFINITELY looking at http://www.mullet.com and saying how fun it would be to go mullet hunting.

I suggest getting a roommate if you're looking for a quick laugh!

ANYHOO, the day started out supa, despite the fact that I'm in class from 8 - 12:30!

I was walking to class, crossing the street, and this big black boy whistles and says "Hey girl!" OF course I turn and flash him Cortney's "oh thats so sweet smile" and I continue strutting to class. Then a short dude behind me says "Umm, do you know who that was?" and I say "no!" and then he says back to me "That was REGGIE McNEAL!"

I must got something going on if the QB of the Fightin Texas Aggie Football Team likes what he sees. ;-)

Other than that, I saw a Corps boy in aviator shades, so I gave him snaps for is keen fashion senses. Aviators are SO hot right now.

Class was, well, class, and I struggled to keep awake. I had 3 meetings and then I had to drop off some stuff at the Rec, and THEN I came home to start my homework. Out of 4 things, I have finished 3. I'm so good!!!

Oh and that wreck I was in? My car goes in on the 29th! YAY!!! Pretty soon it will be back to its beautiful yellow self!

Tomorrow night I'll be in Houston, to see my favorite band of all time....HANSON! I couldn't be more excited, and I can't wait to tell everyone about it, HOLLA.

Until then....DEUCE.

"A to the g to the g-i-e,
Whats that you hearin?
Dawg thats me,
Got the swing in my hips,
A lil style in my walk,
Lookin for sum white boyz,
And leave da black ones in awe.."

Hee hee, that's a good one!

"Is there anyone out there, cause its gettin harder and harder to breathe..."




I'm online, but only for a bit!

Lemme just say school is rockin, and I just got done with the awesomest weekend I've had since I've been back in College Station! This is what life is meant to be like, folks!

Even though I started out Friday night with a wreck.....Bummer, everything turned out great!

I got to go out dancing, met a person who may get me the hook ups for a dance career, socialized with a bunch of drunken night owls at Mickey D's, hung out with a couple of new Aggie football players, sat my booty in a beautiful box at Kyle Field, beat the hell outta Utah, walked arm in arm with the gorgeous Commander of K-1, and had a full class to teach this afternoon at the Rec!!!!

Could life get any better? At this moment, NO WAY!!!

So tomorrow I'll wake up to start another morning of another week of school, with a big goofy grin on my face!!! I love love love love life!

And I love you all! Hugs from Aggieland and the sorority house!
And my bruised yellow car!



GREAT BIG APOLOGY for not blogging in a long time. The Pi Phi house has no internet, and the computers at school are jacked up b/c of that worm thing. So here's what I got: I'll be bloggin it up like normal AS SOON AS I can.

Life's too cool not to write about it.

I love everyone I haven't seen and also those I have!

I love our new PP pledges!!!!