YEAH we started work week today, and I've gone into super secret sorority girl mode, NOT!!!!!

I am so glad to be back, but I am a little tired, Rush keeps you busy.

So does this damn worm virus which dragged me out to Best Buy to get Norton AntiVirus.
At least I get a rebate.

I can safely say all I miss about Dallas is happy times whenever family meant five people and not 4 with one in an apartment.
Funny thing is, none of the other 170 girls here know what happened to me this summer, and I don't really wanna tell em. It seems morbid to answer "Hey Cort did you have a good summer!" with an "Well actually it sucked. My dad walked out on me, my ma, and my sisters, and now they're spending our life savings on divorce attourneys!"

I don't think I should say that......maybe I wont say anything at all.

On a lighter note, our showers at the house got fixed, but they forgot to put doors on them. 48 gals now use 4 showers total with the help of cheap stick em up shower curtains.

Oh the JOYS of living in a SORORITY HOUSE...next on mtv CRIBS.

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