Not been a very eventful day! Woke up to rain, so I fixed myself Cortney's staple meal of the day: breakfast. After my four cups of coffee, a ham/cheese omelet, and episode of MADE, I headed back up to my room to get back to the arduous task of cleaning/packing my room. There's talk of selling the house still, but all I'm worried about is getting my room taken care of before I head back to CS!

We're going to the pool in a little while with my grandparents and my little cousins that just flew down from Tennessee. So we're just waiting for the rain to clear up. My mom's out doing girlie stuff all day and night with here recently divorced friend, Darlene. We all know what they're ranting about. Hope she has fun.

Tonight is what I'm really excited about! Tyler and I are gonna go see Nolan and Randy's band play at Liquid. Talk about a virtual prescription for fun, no doubt!

BTW CLINT-you're MY favorite white boy! hahaah holla @ a blogga!


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