Hola senors and senoritas!!! Havin a beautiful and sunny Sunday, I presume?

Started the morning off with a wonderful sermon about courage at FUMC Garland. It's good to have motivation before I head back to the Station!

Last night was a BLAST!!!! Tyler picked me up around 9ish and we headed downtown to Deep Ellum. We talked the whole way there and the whole way back about lots of stuff. I had no idea that Ty and I had so much in common. It's CRAZY! It's a shame I've been here all summer and I've not been hangin out with him at all. So I am still WILD ABOUT TYLER! (Previous blogggg......)

We found the last free parking spot on a semi shady street, but we both decided walking was better than paying 10 bucks. Especially when the cover charge for the Liquid Lounge was 11 bucks. We went to see Nolan and Randy's ban Bangarang play an opening set for Crowd of Stars' cd release party. I walked in and it was like WHOA NAAMAN! Lots of people that I haven't seen in awhile. I finally formally met Nolan, whom I've known up to this point from HIS journal, and I got to see "hot dog" Randy again! He looks great!!!

Attention Aggies: Tyler is the one who looks like Prince William and Randy's the crazy blonde guy in my Spring Show video.....ah, we remember!

Anyways, they did an unbelievable job!!! The 11 bucks me and TY spent on cover got us this like all access wristband to go into 4 other clubs, so we decided to check em out cause hello it was only eleven PM.....

Club Clearview is like a frickin maze back into all the eras of time you wish you could forget. "A haunted house to the past", each room is themed. There's the 80's room, the swanky room with attached "sex parlors", there's the blacklight room, the rock and roll room, and the Art Bar, a placed for wannabe and washed up arteests to hang out and dance like they've had too much JAVA, man.

The best part was when we went up on the roof. The view of D town was great, and the weather kicked butt. Too bad the techno music was blasting ICK muzak, but me and TY were still able to appreciate it!

All in all, I got to spend a night with one of my coolest guy friends, and got to savor my talented friends' band Bangarang, HOLLA!

And I went to bed truly happy. The End :)

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