YEAH we started work week today, and I've gone into super secret sorority girl mode, NOT!!!!!

I am so glad to be back, but I am a little tired, Rush keeps you busy.

So does this damn worm virus which dragged me out to Best Buy to get Norton AntiVirus.
At least I get a rebate.

I can safely say all I miss about Dallas is happy times whenever family meant five people and not 4 with one in an apartment.
Funny thing is, none of the other 170 girls here know what happened to me this summer, and I don't really wanna tell em. It seems morbid to answer "Hey Cort did you have a good summer!" with an "Well actually it sucked. My dad walked out on me, my ma, and my sisters, and now they're spending our life savings on divorce attourneys!"

I don't think I should say that......maybe I wont say anything at all.

On a lighter note, our showers at the house got fixed, but they forgot to put doors on them. 48 gals now use 4 showers total with the help of cheap stick em up shower curtains.

Oh the JOYS of living in a SORORITY HOUSE...next on mtv CRIBS.


Song of the Day: "Happy Birthday!" dedicated to Kathy, my motha!!!!!

"Body may be aging
But ya mind, make it youga'
Once we get past 30
Age is just a numba!"

Keep it real, DEUCE!


Hola senors and senoritas!!! Havin a beautiful and sunny Sunday, I presume?

Started the morning off with a wonderful sermon about courage at FUMC Garland. It's good to have motivation before I head back to the Station!

Last night was a BLAST!!!! Tyler picked me up around 9ish and we headed downtown to Deep Ellum. We talked the whole way there and the whole way back about lots of stuff. I had no idea that Ty and I had so much in common. It's CRAZY! It's a shame I've been here all summer and I've not been hangin out with him at all. So I am still WILD ABOUT TYLER! (Previous blogggg......)

We found the last free parking spot on a semi shady street, but we both decided walking was better than paying 10 bucks. Especially when the cover charge for the Liquid Lounge was 11 bucks. We went to see Nolan and Randy's ban Bangarang play an opening set for Crowd of Stars' cd release party. I walked in and it was like WHOA NAAMAN! Lots of people that I haven't seen in awhile. I finally formally met Nolan, whom I've known up to this point from HIS journal, and I got to see "hot dog" Randy again! He looks great!!!

Attention Aggies: Tyler is the one who looks like Prince William and Randy's the crazy blonde guy in my Spring Show video.....ah, we remember!

Anyways, they did an unbelievable job!!! The 11 bucks me and TY spent on cover got us this like all access wristband to go into 4 other clubs, so we decided to check em out cause hello it was only eleven PM.....

Club Clearview is like a frickin maze back into all the eras of time you wish you could forget. "A haunted house to the past", each room is themed. There's the 80's room, the swanky room with attached "sex parlors", there's the blacklight room, the rock and roll room, and the Art Bar, a placed for wannabe and washed up arteests to hang out and dance like they've had too much JAVA, man.

The best part was when we went up on the roof. The view of D town was great, and the weather kicked butt. Too bad the techno music was blasting ICK muzak, but me and TY were still able to appreciate it!

All in all, I got to spend a night with one of my coolest guy friends, and got to savor my talented friends' band Bangarang, HOLLA!

And I went to bed truly happy. The End :)


Not been a very eventful day! Woke up to rain, so I fixed myself Cortney's staple meal of the day: breakfast. After my four cups of coffee, a ham/cheese omelet, and episode of MADE, I headed back up to my room to get back to the arduous task of cleaning/packing my room. There's talk of selling the house still, but all I'm worried about is getting my room taken care of before I head back to CS!

We're going to the pool in a little while with my grandparents and my little cousins that just flew down from Tennessee. So we're just waiting for the rain to clear up. My mom's out doing girlie stuff all day and night with here recently divorced friend, Darlene. We all know what they're ranting about. Hope she has fun.

Tonight is what I'm really excited about! Tyler and I are gonna go see Nolan and Randy's band play at Liquid. Talk about a virtual prescription for fun, no doubt!

BTW CLINT-you're MY favorite white boy! hahaah holla @ a blogga!



Mom to Cortney: "Why is it that the most gorgeous guys in the world are gay?"

Cortney to Mom: "'Cause if they weren't, there'd be no use for the word ironic."
This divorce between my parents gets worse everyday. I fell like I'm trying to travel somewhere, but these two people keep loading me down with so many "bags" that I couldn't make it anywhere if I wanted to. And they aren't making it anywhere either.

I don't wanna carry your bags anymore! Its too hard.
How about the TWO of you talk about it, and let me be myself again.....please?
Incubus's "I Miss You"...I'm finally able to listen to this song again without a tear...and I just can't get over how much I STILL love it.....

To see you when I wake up is a gift,
I didn't think could be real.
To know that you feel the same as I do,
Is a three fold utopian dream.
You do something to me that I can't explain,
So would I be out of line if I said that I miss you?

I see your picture
I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine,
You have only been gone ten days
But already I'm wasting away,
I know I'll see you again
Whether far or soon,
But I need you to know that I care,
And I miss you.

Short, sweet, and don't care if I got all the lyrics right.
Why not dedicate to someone today...it feels amazing!


WOW, what an unbelievably fun and much needed night of greatness!

I went w/ Richie, Nick, and Corinna to Deep Ellum around 7:30 to line up in front for Trees for the Alien Art Farm concert. There weren't that many people there, so when we got in we placed ourselves practically on the tiny lil stage. At 9:30 this band called Strata came on and jammed, and Richard even talked to the lead singer from the audience, that's how close we were! When they were done with their set, he gave out the drumsticks and said "Here's one for my friend Richard," and gave it to Richie!! Too cool, because now I have it in my possession! (The splintered wood doubled as protection when leaving da club)

AAF came on around 11 and played a 14 song set. I touched the lead singer Dreyden's Nike shoe, just to say I was so close I could touch him, so I did. No tall tale here! Richard got a guitar pick, and I stole the typed out set list from off the stage for him (not the first time I've done this!)

After they were done, we reserved copies of the CD and got wristbands to go upstairs and get autographs, so they ALL FOUR signed my cd single! They weren't very talkative, though!

My autograph collection has increased! Add AAF to Pink, Grits, Pat Green, and everyone's favorite, VAL VENIS! Hello, ladies.

The real adventure began when we departed Trees, and walked back to the Dart Rail, only to find that no trains run Northbound after 11:53 on a Saturday night....but they do on weeknights, and they start again at 4 am on Sunday mornings. After establishing that this is ludacrious, we walk to the Dart Bus Station (mind you were are deep in the heart of GHETTO) Well GUESS WHAT! The bus station closes at not 12, not 1, but 12:20. So we say, screw it! and we called Richie's dad.

And, like a bunch of 15 yr olds, they picked the four of us up on a concrete island at the intersection of Live Oak and Pearl Street. (we were too scared to sit anywhere else)

We hit up the IHOP on Central, and I saw my waitress again for the 4th time this summer. I need to bring in a pic of myself, autograph it, and hang it on the wall, like all those other nobodies. I figure since I come in ALL THE TIME I might as well be recognized for it. I'm addicted to that place, with no shame, babay.

Good news, my songwriting feat was successful! Now all I need to write is a chorus......in the works. Nick and Richie have a bass and guitar written, now they just gotta find a drummer and my first song ever in my life will be done, very exciting day!!!

Nick, Corinna, and ESP Richie, you guys blessed me with an amazing night! Even though I may know all the words to Fifty's latest hit, and didn't even know Lollapalooza still existed, you guys take me in, and show me a great time. In the words of my friend R.A.L.-"We're exposing you to different kinds of stuff..."

I like it!
And also...thanks for helping me look at my family situation in a new light....praise God, my Heavenly FATHER, for sunshine, the passage of time, the healing of wounds, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

-c.FLow, the original "Smooth Criminal"-