Today was an awesome day!

6am:wake up, get ready for Dallas Maverick Dancer Tryouts!
8am:leave for tryouts with mom and Sarah
10am:registration starts, and I see my friend Amanda from C/S
11:30am:Freestyle competition begins, and we get introduced to the judges!
This year the "celebrity" judges were the Fitz from Wild 100 and the dirtiest man alive, Domino from Kiss FM.
Fitx did his rendition of R.Kelly's Ignition and Domino got a ton of phone numbers....ICK
1pm:Announcement of SemiFinal girls, list went from 500 to 200, and #86 was actually on it! (me)
4pm:Announcement of finalists, and Cortney went home.

All I can say is...I had a great time! I have 2 years before I can even consider being a Mavs Dancer, its only ten bucks to try out! :)

On the way home my mom was sitting there sorting out her thoughts. For those of you that wonder where I get my weirdness from, just listen to what she said:

Mom:"Domino is so skanky..."
"Its lucky he's on the radio, 'cause if he wasn't then everyone could throw apples at him...."
"With big worms in them!!!!"

And me and Sarah preceded to laugh for the next ten minutes!!!

Next weekend me and Amanda are taking on H-TOWN!
Yeah kids I'm trying out for Houston Rockets Power Dancers next weekend!
Don't stop till you reach the top right?



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