Songizzle o' da Dizzle: "One Minute Man" by Missy, feat. LUDA!

Ooooh Cortney just got AOL dissed. This foo kept pestering me for an answer, but too bad some people don't like the truth. He signed off without even saying good bye.......Dangit, I forgot to be upset!
What's next....is he going to block me forever?

Heh heh. ;-)

First day of SUMMA II like whoa. Teachers are pretty cool SO FAR, but looks like I'm gonna have to do a buttload of reading for Brit Lit. Who knew? I did take a boy ratio in my classes, though. Girls outnumber boys in history, but there are some nice prospects, and far more choices in Lit. Don't believe me? Come check out my SYLLABI!

I also got my hair done today, yay! Looks ALOT better, no more "ruts"

Yestaday I went and saw 28 Days Later w/ da Rich-meister. I went in thinkin it was supposed to be a horror movie, but did y'all know its actually supposed to be science fiction? It's like reaching for a Coke and you end up drinkin Sprite. It's not bad, you just weren't expecting it.

Life's back to normal. School in the day, dance at night. Except I get out of school a lot earlier, and its in a seemingly nice part of D-Town, lots more traffic though! But am I EVER ready to get back to College Station.

I noticed something. Everyone's dating someone, that whole "summer love" stuff. And I figured out something. I'm not a "summer love" type of girl. Everytime I've been dating someone during summer, they're my boyfriend, continuing from a previous spring, or going into a fall. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is not a bad thing. Right? Right?

"Ludacris balance and rotate all tires!"

"Flow oh ohhhh, watch me watch me watch me flow oh ohhhhh, the name be c.Flow oh ohhh, I'm the one you wanna know oh ohhh..."
(To the tune of shake a tailfeather)


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