Song of The Day:"Boys" Remix by Brit and the Neptunes

HOWDY and welcome to another fun FRIDAY, WHOOP!!

Just want to mention that my lil sis, the wonderful, beautiful, talented woman named Lauren has started blogging again, check out the link. If you ever wanted to know how an amazing person's day is, now you have all access! ;-)

Yesterday was a long day at school, and I made it through blurrily! I stayed up all night making funny faces with Sean on our webcams! Those things are so funny cause they are so slow! You like have to either do something in slow motion or pause, and continue! HEH HEH

Sean has been one of my best friends since I was in eighth grade. I've never met him either. I know it sounds freaky, but all my best buds know about him. We talk on the phone and send emails and cards, you know. It's like havin a best friend that moved far away when you were a kid, but that you still keep in touch with. Him and Jeff can be almost the same person sometimes, its so weird!

I did a photo shoot with Kris afterschool yesterday. He has this "vision" for his new porfolio, and I can always use new pics, so it was fun! I watched him edit one of my pictures yesterday. Its so cool. I had a piece of hair that was in the way of my eye, and he just erased it! Unbelievable. Now I realize that if a little guy can do something like that, what can those big shot photographers for magazines do? ANYTHING!
Therefore....I feel a little bit better about myself.

After I came home I rejoiced! Thursday night kick it cause I don't have school on Fridays. I can do whatever the heck I want and go to bed whatever time I want, because I have no responsibility on Fridays. It's my true "summer".

Today I'm getting ready for Mavs tryouts tomorrow. The experience is worth it. Once I'm graduated from A&M, I want to be one of those girls. So I consider this my "research" time.

I'm excited, but still nervous....there's a lot of people you have to get up in front of with a skimpy outfit. But confidence pays off. It's not my dancing I worry about, its my body. But I still have 2 years......

"I'm from N.E.R.D, aren't you Britney?"



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