Song of the Day, only because it definitely takes me back, and it came on in Taco Bueno today: "MMMBop" by the brothas HANSON!

Sorry been so long Bloggin'! S'sbeen a long week!

My dad moved out Tuesday morning. No, my parents weren't fighting, no nobody had an affair. He was just tired of being unhappy with the way his life was hear with a wife and 3 daughters, so he left. Yeah, I've been crying on and off, but I think I'm pretty much done. I've been talking alot to people.

Props to Clint for talking to me on the phone for two mornings in a row, and to Richard for coming over to talk to me two nights in a row, and mad props to everyone else that I've been talking to on the phone, you really don't know how much it helps!!!

In other words, I haven't been doing much the past couple days!

I finally got out of the house tonight! I met Katie over at her house and then we went to a Fourf o July party at Mark's!!!! (His parents were gone, of course!) I met all of the cool Lake Highlands people I hear about all the time. We talked, and I watched them play silly drinking games, but we all eventually ended up on the patio, talking by the pool. It was so awesome to finally get to hang out with so many people my age again, and just talk about silly stuff.

I think I'm starting to go back to normal. I really think life's gonna be easier for me to adjust to than my mom and sisters. I'm about to mave back to College Station. Nothing has changed there, and my friends are still the same as I left em. I think it'll make up for the brokenness of what I came home to on Monday.

Don't worry......humor and Rhyzzle of the Dizzle will be back!!!

In the mean time........"MMMBop ba duba dop ba du bop, duba dop ba du bop, ba duba dop ba du.....yeah yeah!!!"

I bet y'all know NO ONE who knows those lyrics, but ME!!!
I love you all, you're the best friends a gal like me could ever have. If you ever need to talk, whoa am I EVER ready to listen!


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