Song of the Day: "In Those Jeans" by Genuwine...I have to laugh, the guy's so obsessed with her jeans, that's all he sings about! Girl MUST be lookin good, uh huh!!!!

Crappy Commercial of the Day:Those dang Fanta ones. I am gettin so sick of them....Don't tell me that their advertising is really working now kids!

Please join me in welcoming our newest blogger, CLINT!!!! YAY! I am so glad one of my friends has followed in my footsteps. He's gonna have some wonderful blogs, that are inspirational and uplifting! I know you all need this in your lives, so if you look to the right, there's a link!!!
Whoop for Clint, joinin the Blog bandwagon!!!
BTW, thanks for the shouout Clin-TON!

Anyways, another fun day. I woke up EXTREMELY late this morning, due in part to the fact that I passed out in my lit book downstairs. But that's what you get for procrastinatin, I suppose. So I took my breakfast to history, and tried to keep up with the lady, who happens to be a speed lecturer. But I like her whole get to the point thing. Its nice to have a prof who realizes we're all in there cause we gotta take it, so let's all just get it over with! Brit Lit didn't go so great. The room was about 50 degrees, so we were all freezing, and falling asleep because he asked us to read so much stuff last night. Then he turned around and read it all back to us this morning. ARRRRRRRRGHHHH! I hate that.

So the question is....shall I read tonight? I wonder if anyone else is.

There aren't any friendly people in my classes, and that makes me glad. Cause if there was, I'd try to look fresh and happy all the time. Nah. I'm at the end of my rope. With 17 days of summer school left, everyone can shake off me and see the ugly and exhausted girl I truly am. OH YEAH!

What else did I do today? I fell asleep and this time I had a vivid and very freaky dream. I was at Matt King's house with a bunch of Naaman people. I think I dreamed this because Casey Garland is in my Lit class. ( I just know his name, I dont know him) Anyways, there were a lot of dogs there, and I was swimming in a pool. Any significance? Doubt it!

Tonight? Dinner, dance and homework, and hopefully bed before 3 this time! EEsh. But no class Friday, I can make it, knock on wood.

Genuwine to girl: "Is there any more room for me in those jeans....."
Girl response: "I told you no the first time you asked me, boy! Just cause you Genuwine don't mean you be a playa!"

"Hair all messy,
Undereyes is black,
Jeans and t shirts,
Cause I don't give a crap,
Sun shines on,
Even though in class I be,
I wish God could spare
Some extra summer for Cort-ney!"


-c.Flow, as if u didn't know-

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