Song of the Day: "At Last" by Etta James....... :)

Hip hop was really fun last night except for the mirror hogger. Sometimes we get lucky and they DON'T come to class, but last night was NOT one of those nights! Anyway, I was really tired and I jetted it on back home. I talked to Clint for about an hour, and then I fell asleep buried in a pile of English Literature.

Woke up late again this morning...this is twice, ARGH! But I made it in time to stop by the Sonice on Midway! All large drinks before 11 are 99 cents! Considering it was 7 am, I got my drink, and drank it too! :)

I was too tired to fry my female parts in the tanning bed today so I came back home after school! I was suprised by a phone call from a long lost stranger - Brett! It was so nice to talk to him. I think he's gonna make about 20 grand in Mississippi this summer. He's a door to door salesman, can you believe it? I he'd be good at that...most guys are good salesmen...if you know what I'm saying girls!

My dad is in Chicago on work assignments, and he is very miserable. I'm wondering....if he quits his job, would he be happier? Would he come back to his wife and family? Or would he get worse, and plunge deeper into the woes of depression? God, if you're listening, its me, Cortney.

After I ate lunch I did what any 20 year old with a life would do. I gave my little sisters makeovers! Thing is, they turned out to be mini brunette versions of me! Ahh, to be so lucky! ;-)

Why is it that when you go to school looking like trash people stare, but when you actually look ok, nobody notices?
What have I not figured out?
What I have figured out is this: People out there are as clueless as I am about life, and I can't wait to meet them!

Has anyone noticed how in college we don't have assigned seats? But does it irk anyone else when someone sits in "yours"!!!
I get to the first day of class so early. To find my perfect seat; a seat where I can not only see and hear the teacher, but I can eat, drink, and occasionally sleep, without being a distraction to the class.
And my seat was gone by this week. ARGH!

"Take my seat, I'm gon split ya wig,
And make write my name on it BIG,
I know babies that is mo' smarter than you,
So while you crawl out the class c'mon and kiss my shoe!"

"My lonely days are over...And life is like a song!"


-whos that girl? c.flow's that girl-

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