Lots of inspiration kicks in when it takes you 45 minutes to get home from school everyday.....

Ode To A Street Racing Car

Oh mighty street racer with your Asian name,
Driving by you can be such a pain,
I watch as you whizz between cars and pass,
You're in contest to always be furious and fast.

As I watch this speck of color fly by,
Adorned in racing stickers and colors never known to the human eye,
I realize that you resemble a peanut on wheels,
With a wing on the back so big you need a landing field.

Regular tail lights will never do,
Blue or clear is the choice for you,
At night you're like a disco on wheels,
With neon lights shining out your windshield.

Oh street racing car, please drive on by,
Find someone else to impress with your ride,
And leave me in peace with my engine so small,
Cool doesn't mean "dual exhaust" after all!

And I'm spent!

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