MUAH hahahahahah!

Song of the Day: "Beautiful" by C.A......."tryin hard to fill the emptiness, the pieces gone, left the puzzle undone, but we are beautiful, no matter what they say, words won't bring us down..../and everywhere we go the sun will always shine...."

Wow what a long and excellent weekend! Friday I headed down to College Station for a dance audition, don't know how it went yet! That night me and Amie went to Shadow. Wow, was it a toolshed. I think every loser in the history of C/S walked up to us. DISS and DIS MISS! Plus there was this one guy. Let me just tell you about this guy. He went on this long rant about how gay he thought other guys were for hitting on us, and how important he thinks it is to get to really know a girl, and have conversations, and how he's different than all the others, and its wrong to hit on girls so distastefully.

BLah BLah Blah dude...he preceded to hit on ME an hour later, and asked for my number. Boy I felt bad. No one ever asks for my number, so I stupidly gave it to him. I had to, what if I run into him again and he charges me with false digits!!!! So yeah I gave him the cell phone, but I never answered it. He called 3 times the next day, and I let it ring. I hope he gets the hint...I'm really not mean, but the guy's a TOOL!!!!!!!

So anyway, leaving Shadow on Friday we came outside and there was a black dude lying unconscious in a puddle of blood on the sidewalk, beaten up by some passersby. He was alright when the popo got there. So now I've seenit all. Not scared to go to a REAL ghetto club in D Town, long as I don't get shot or whatevs.

Saturday I did hand out the cookies in Waco. And guess what? A kid and his mom walked by and the kid goes "Mom look its the Nilla Wafer Lady!"
Know what that means? I can die peacefully, for I am THE nilla wafer lady, extrordinaire.

Sunday I worked at the Justified/Stripped tour in Houston. It was so awesome!! I got to sit on the side this time. Nice to have a different perspective. I even got to go backstage, if only for a bit. But it was way cool. I went and spent the night w/ my best childhood friend, Emily. We talked about a lot of stuff, and it was fun. I woke up Monday morn and drove home, all 4 hours!!! But it was worth it to have such a fun weekend.

It was not worth it to come home.

I'll explain after my sister gets back from camp.

No rhyzzle of the dizzle today kids, not in a rhyming mood.


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