I just wanna say thank goodness Rami's back! I have missed my fellow Ag's anecdotes. But it's on now!

Today I witnessed yet another pet peeve while I was on Midway, go figure. I look in my rearview mirror to see a gigantic Ford F150 staring me in the face. "Where is the driver?" I ask myself. Perplexed, I am frantically looking for some sign of life behid the wheel of this truck. (Isn't that what everyone does at 5 year long redlights?) Anyway, I finally find a guy behind some really cool rainbow tinted Oakleys. He must have been barely my height (5'4") and he was driving this huge truck. He couldn't hardly even see over the steering wheel!!! Poor guy, always having to compete with his vehicle. Sucks when your auto is more of a man than you are. I recommend a VW Beetle, mister.

Pet Peeve #86: Drive something that fits you, ok?

To the tune of P.I.M.P:
"You've got somethin to learn about me,
I'm gonna make that dough and stack up those G's,
No Cadillac, No Chev, can't you see
What I wanna drive's a B-E-N-Z!"

"He like my style, he like my smile, he like tha way I talk,
I think he city, girl he likes me cause I'm from Little Rock.."


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