I bow down to thee, oh laziest Saturday of my life in a long time! One of the best feelings in the world has to be waking up at 7, realizing you ain’t gotta do nothing, and going back to bed till the cows come HOME! MOO!

So I love scary movies (Katie’s still got grab mark on her arms from going to see The Ring with me), and I wanted to go see 28 Days Later. So my wonderful guy bud Richard volunteers to take me, and I agree, after all he’s got the strength to handle my guns. Okay, okay, I’m a fraidy cat, I asked him to go with me please! :)

Anyways, getting to Cinemark 20 mins till movie time is NOT a good idea. The movie was full like WHOA, so Richard decides to go see Legally Blonde 2. And it was awesome…..(he liked it too)
Makes me wanna be a blonde and beautiful lawyer all ova again!!!

Then he brought me home and we sat outside and talked, and he even played his guitar……
I’m excited because my pent up frustration is going to be turned into a song. Richard has been working on some guitar with Nick Enwright, and I’m writing the words. What’s better is, is that when they become famous, the CD jacket will read : “Track 13: blah blah blah, Lyricist: c.Flow”

That’s all it’ll say. Why? Cause by then I’ll be like Cheers. Everybody will know my name.
And they always be glad they came!

Holla to all my middle school peeps who used to live it up at Richardson 6. I went by there today and you’ll never guess what the building has turned into. An Indian temple party palace.
They got it painted all pukey green with fake black trim on the outside. There’s 6 different doors, one leading to a club, another to a lounge, a bar, and of all things a temple.

All I can say is: What’s up with Protestants not jumping on this idea first?
And the tag line reads: “Get yo club on, Get yo Jesus on”

I was talking to my mom about boys today, something I love to do. She thinks my pickiness will keep me from finding anyone. But then I reminded her of every girl I know. All of y’all love those romantic movies, and you can’t believe I don’t. What you don’t realize is that real guys aren’t like you see one the movies. Wanna know what a real guy is?
He’s that person who wasn’t able to show up for something important….but he did, with flowers and a smile.
He’s that person that the minute he found out you were upset, he picked wildflowers from his grandparents’ yard in the middle of the night and brought them over to make you feel better.
He’s that person that sits on the sidewalk with you, talking about any and everything till you’re both exhausted…..but too happy to ever wanna leave.
He’s that person that knows your idea of a perfect night: a 2am run to IHOP to eat your favorite meal of the day (breakfast), and long talks over 5 gazillion pitchers of never-ending coffee.

He’s not rich or glamorous or even perfect.
A real guy does one of these things, and he is beautiful in my eyes.

My advice: Don’t get caught up in created fantasy dream guys. We’ve all got the real thing, that’s ten million times better, and they’re all right in front of us. What are you waiting for?

One more day off and I start SUMMA II! WHOOP for being halfway through summer school, and one moth away from new beginnings and old friends in Aggieland!


“I’ve been patiently waiting for a track to explode on….”

-renowned lyricist, dancer, and rapper-
:) c.Flow :)

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