Feels so good to be back in D-Town! It was a long and busy but fun weekend, so here's the RUNDIZZOWN!
May wanna skim this......unless you are curious and BORED!

Thursday: Went to school, and headed down to Aggieland shortly after. Me, Katie, Raba, and Clint had lunch at Jason's Deli, in the midst of a ton of construction over on Texas Avenue! Clint went with me to run some errands, and then I set up camp at Raba and Katie's Apartment. It's really cute! Anyways, I fell asleep like whoa on the couch trying to watch Serendipity w/ Shawty K. I woke up around 10:30, so instead of going out and gettin crunk like we planned, we went and bought the Shakespearean classic "Much Ado About Nothing" You gotta love the Bard. I never really understand what they're saying, but I do get the gist of it!

Friday: I went and did a promo gig for the NBA out at the Texas States 7 on 7 Football Tournament. I got paid to sit in a booth and pass out free samples of Speed Stick at the NBA Jam Van. HA! I got a free NBA shirt and Adidas visor, and I got to watch people play on the goals they had set up. It was really fun except for the heat and getting hit on by high school boys. Then after that I left to go to Houston with my friend Amanda. We went and stayed at her sisters house, and we got to play with her niece and nephews! Amanda and her sister talked alot, so me and the kids brushed our teeth together and played games. I still deny I'm having children though, I'm gonna be the cool Aunt C.Flow!

Saturday: Me and Amanda woke up at 4AM!!!! to get ready to go to Houston Rockets Power Dancers Auditions. We were number 6 and 7 out of 180 people! It only consisted of two rounds: the first we had to freestyle on stage alone to random music, and then we both advanced to the second round and had to do it again! We both made it to the third round, and realized it was on Sunday! So we headed back to College Station to get some stuff and I stayed with Raba and Katie again! That night me and Katie ran some errands, and then Francois and his friend Chris came over so the five of us watched Zoolander and got sno kones......
Hope you kaught that one Katie!

Sunday: Day 2 of Power Dancer Auditions! Me and Amanda trucked it down to Houston at 6:45 AM!!!! for Round three. This time we had to learn a jazz combo, and tryout in groups of 2. They made another cut, and Amanda left :( :( :( She shouldn't have...there were some horrible people out there. I think they made it on their bodies or something! Anyway, we took a short break and went in to Round 4 where we learned a hip hop. It was kinda gay....wasn't feelin it too much! We did that in groups of four. They announced the girls moving on to finals, and my number didn't make it! But that's what next year's for. I guess I did ok for my first year auditioning for them! (I also think shedding another 10 pounds can't hurt either!)
Thus begins the 4 and a half hour drive home! I got gridlocked for 40 minutes in Corsicana...and I called Ram-ster to warn him! Thank you to all my friends who talked to me on the phone from 5-10, the longest drive of ME LIFE! I was rewarded with pizza and ice cream when I got home!

And you thought Cortney and Bo's Tour of Texas was over? We're going to Little Rock in a couple of weeks. I can't believe that my five month old 'Stang has over 6200 miles on it. EESH!

I just got home from school, and I think I'm gonna pass out now.....DEUCE!

-Holla back c.Flow, oooh ooh-

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