And Saturday was a goofy day!

I woke up this morning and started to clean out my room!!!! Everything in here is high school stuff, and I can;t take it all when I finally move into a place of my own, so it's undergoing some BIG changes! (Plus my family may have to move out of our nice big house...)
So now I have to figure out where I'm sleeping tonight since my bed is covered in my past......

That was pretty much my Saturday. We went over to see my mom's friends Darlene, who is going thru a divorce as well. But everything will be okay. They'd decided they will go through it together. One thing my mom did assure me of though: "Cortney, I don't care what happens, I will never go play bingo!"
Good thinkin, Mama!

While mom and Darlene were in the process of exchangin girlie talk, me and my sisters decided to be ourselves. We preceded to sing "Carol of the Bells" among others. Did I mention that me and Sarah are A'Cappella choir alums from Webb Middle School. Oh and Emily just made it in this year. So we harmonize like WHOA!!!
After that I decided Senorita Cortney decided to leave cell phone messages.

As if that isn't fun enough, Mom realizes its eleven at night and that we haven't eaten since 3, and YEAH us gals are STARVING!!!!

All it takes is four glorious words from Mama to cheer me up: "We're going to IHOP!!!"

My night is complete!!!

When we get to IHOP, 2 extremely cute guys sit down next to us. They were really goofy and actually talked to us the whole time we were there. Turns out one of them is going to A&M in the fall, and we had a lot in common, except for the fact that he's 2 years younger than me!!! Anyways, turns out he's gonna rush in the fall so I put in a good word for Sig Ep (paying ya back RAMSTER!)
Before they left, my new Aggie friend DAVID came over to me, took my hand, got down on his knee and said: "Cortney, will you marry me?"
If that's not one of the best moves in the book, I dunno what is!!!
Talk about being flattered......

It reminded me that maybe there is someone out there who will fall madly in like with c.Fo!!!!!
Until then....

"I love you like a fat kid love CAKE!"

-i'm still i'm still c.Flow from da block-

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