The one and only thing that's good about my dad walking out on us:
The totally cute pj's my mom bought me, consisting of boy underwears and a matching tank top!
Walking around the house in em ain't NO issue!
I am one free spirit now, DEUCE!


Lots of inspiration kicks in when it takes you 45 minutes to get home from school everyday.....

Ode To A Street Racing Car

Oh mighty street racer with your Asian name,
Driving by you can be such a pain,
I watch as you whizz between cars and pass,
You're in contest to always be furious and fast.

As I watch this speck of color fly by,
Adorned in racing stickers and colors never known to the human eye,
I realize that you resemble a peanut on wheels,
With a wing on the back so big you need a landing field.

Regular tail lights will never do,
Blue or clear is the choice for you,
At night you're like a disco on wheels,
With neon lights shining out your windshield.

Oh street racing car, please drive on by,
Find someone else to impress with your ride,
And leave me in peace with my engine so small,
Cool doesn't mean "dual exhaust" after all!

And I'm spent!


I just wanna say thank goodness Rami's back! I have missed my fellow Ag's anecdotes. But it's on now!

Today I witnessed yet another pet peeve while I was on Midway, go figure. I look in my rearview mirror to see a gigantic Ford F150 staring me in the face. "Where is the driver?" I ask myself. Perplexed, I am frantically looking for some sign of life behid the wheel of this truck. (Isn't that what everyone does at 5 year long redlights?) Anyway, I finally find a guy behind some really cool rainbow tinted Oakleys. He must have been barely my height (5'4") and he was driving this huge truck. He couldn't hardly even see over the steering wheel!!! Poor guy, always having to compete with his vehicle. Sucks when your auto is more of a man than you are. I recommend a VW Beetle, mister.

Pet Peeve #86: Drive something that fits you, ok?

To the tune of P.I.M.P:
"You've got somethin to learn about me,
I'm gonna make that dough and stack up those G's,
No Cadillac, No Chev, can't you see
What I wanna drive's a B-E-N-Z!"

"He like my style, he like my smile, he like tha way I talk,
I think he city, girl he likes me cause I'm from Little Rock.."



I keep hearing the word "trophy wife" a lot lately, and I was musing on the subject. This implies that a man does the picking, while the woman does the settling. But I'm not so sure that men realize the truth of the matter.......

Girls can be really picky and choosy. When we see something we like, we want it. We want it to walk around with, to show off to our friends, and to fill up endless rhinestone-covered picture frames with. By "it" I'm talking a gorgeous guy, of course.

A good looking male in tow can be almost as satisfying as a Louis Vuitton bag or a scandalous new pair of Blahniks.

As with killer accessories, once they go out of style, time to move on!

And Saturday was a goofy day!

I woke up this morning and started to clean out my room!!!! Everything in here is high school stuff, and I can;t take it all when I finally move into a place of my own, so it's undergoing some BIG changes! (Plus my family may have to move out of our nice big house...)
So now I have to figure out where I'm sleeping tonight since my bed is covered in my past......

That was pretty much my Saturday. We went over to see my mom's friends Darlene, who is going thru a divorce as well. But everything will be okay. They'd decided they will go through it together. One thing my mom did assure me of though: "Cortney, I don't care what happens, I will never go play bingo!"
Good thinkin, Mama!

While mom and Darlene were in the process of exchangin girlie talk, me and my sisters decided to be ourselves. We preceded to sing "Carol of the Bells" among others. Did I mention that me and Sarah are A'Cappella choir alums from Webb Middle School. Oh and Emily just made it in this year. So we harmonize like WHOA!!!
After that I decided Senorita Cortney decided to leave cell phone messages.

As if that isn't fun enough, Mom realizes its eleven at night and that we haven't eaten since 3, and YEAH us gals are STARVING!!!!

All it takes is four glorious words from Mama to cheer me up: "We're going to IHOP!!!"

My night is complete!!!

When we get to IHOP, 2 extremely cute guys sit down next to us. They were really goofy and actually talked to us the whole time we were there. Turns out one of them is going to A&M in the fall, and we had a lot in common, except for the fact that he's 2 years younger than me!!! Anyways, turns out he's gonna rush in the fall so I put in a good word for Sig Ep (paying ya back RAMSTER!)
Before they left, my new Aggie friend DAVID came over to me, took my hand, got down on his knee and said: "Cortney, will you marry me?"
If that's not one of the best moves in the book, I dunno what is!!!
Talk about being flattered......

It reminded me that maybe there is someone out there who will fall madly in like with c.Fo!!!!!
Until then....

"I love you like a fat kid love CAKE!"

-i'm still i'm still c.Flow from da block-


And its official!

My dad filed for divorce on Wednesday, and we all found out last night.
What does this mean to my life? Well nothing really, because I've got a whole new one to make now.

this sucks like WHOA



What were YOU doin at 8:15 pm?.....

There is a treacherous turn near Arapaho and Coit in Richardson, rivaling that of the one on Northwest Hwy. near Chili's.
Today, I took it going the FULL 40 MPH.
No Brakes. No red light glaring out da back of my car. Just full acceleration through the entire length of the turn.
There's even a pot hole!
Did I wince a little? yeah. Did I bounce a little? yeah. Did I have fun? HECK yeah.

"Takin tuns like WHOA,
Its da C.FLOW,
Rollin down yo ROAD,
In da yellow 'stang name BO!"

"Stop, and wiggle wit it..."


Sometimes you have to admit to yourself that your feelings are hurt pretty bad. I'm at that point.
I thought the first time I felt icky it was just really nothing. I really believe you aren't meaning to flat out diss me, I just don't think you know you are.
So now all I have to say is ouch. That was the second low blow and it hurts like heck.
I can't wait to go back to school.
Tip of the Day: Think about what you say before you say it. It always gets around to the person you were hoping it wouldn't.



Feels so good to be back in D-Town! It was a long and busy but fun weekend, so here's the RUNDIZZOWN!
May wanna skim this......unless you are curious and BORED!

Thursday: Went to school, and headed down to Aggieland shortly after. Me, Katie, Raba, and Clint had lunch at Jason's Deli, in the midst of a ton of construction over on Texas Avenue! Clint went with me to run some errands, and then I set up camp at Raba and Katie's Apartment. It's really cute! Anyways, I fell asleep like whoa on the couch trying to watch Serendipity w/ Shawty K. I woke up around 10:30, so instead of going out and gettin crunk like we planned, we went and bought the Shakespearean classic "Much Ado About Nothing" You gotta love the Bard. I never really understand what they're saying, but I do get the gist of it!

Friday: I went and did a promo gig for the NBA out at the Texas States 7 on 7 Football Tournament. I got paid to sit in a booth and pass out free samples of Speed Stick at the NBA Jam Van. HA! I got a free NBA shirt and Adidas visor, and I got to watch people play on the goals they had set up. It was really fun except for the heat and getting hit on by high school boys. Then after that I left to go to Houston with my friend Amanda. We went and stayed at her sisters house, and we got to play with her niece and nephews! Amanda and her sister talked alot, so me and the kids brushed our teeth together and played games. I still deny I'm having children though, I'm gonna be the cool Aunt C.Flow!

Saturday: Me and Amanda woke up at 4AM!!!! to get ready to go to Houston Rockets Power Dancers Auditions. We were number 6 and 7 out of 180 people! It only consisted of two rounds: the first we had to freestyle on stage alone to random music, and then we both advanced to the second round and had to do it again! We both made it to the third round, and realized it was on Sunday! So we headed back to College Station to get some stuff and I stayed with Raba and Katie again! That night me and Katie ran some errands, and then Francois and his friend Chris came over so the five of us watched Zoolander and got sno kones......
Hope you kaught that one Katie!

Sunday: Day 2 of Power Dancer Auditions! Me and Amanda trucked it down to Houston at 6:45 AM!!!! for Round three. This time we had to learn a jazz combo, and tryout in groups of 2. They made another cut, and Amanda left :( :( :( She shouldn't have...there were some horrible people out there. I think they made it on their bodies or something! Anyway, we took a short break and went in to Round 4 where we learned a hip hop. It was kinda gay....wasn't feelin it too much! We did that in groups of four. They announced the girls moving on to finals, and my number didn't make it! But that's what next year's for. I guess I did ok for my first year auditioning for them! (I also think shedding another 10 pounds can't hurt either!)
Thus begins the 4 and a half hour drive home! I got gridlocked for 40 minutes in Corsicana...and I called Ram-ster to warn him! Thank you to all my friends who talked to me on the phone from 5-10, the longest drive of ME LIFE! I was rewarded with pizza and ice cream when I got home!

And you thought Cortney and Bo's Tour of Texas was over? We're going to Little Rock in a couple of weeks. I can't believe that my five month old 'Stang has over 6200 miles on it. EESH!

I just got home from school, and I think I'm gonna pass out now.....DEUCE!

-Holla back c.Flow, oooh ooh-


I just realized that I'm writing on a notepad that was given to me at the sorority house.

At the top it says "Wild About Tyler"

Now this is supposed to mean Tyler, Texas.

But I have decided that I'm wild about Tyler, the one and only, the man!!

I hope summer ends soon too! DEUCE!

Song of the Day: Don't know the title but the beat is sick. Its Baby and Lil Bow Wow, checkitout on 97.9 Da Beat!

Yay for my second week of school being done, after tomorrow I have 12 days left!
Props to C.Flow for getting a choreography assignment for Rush!
I'll be in College Station and Houston this weekend chillin, auditioning, and working a NBA promo!
Holla at the cell!

"It's really really nice to meet ya boy....let's get down!"

All I can say is, THANK YOU GOD! Hanson's newest album, Underneath Acoustic, goes on presale August 9th.

And then they start a new tour!

I feel like I'm in heaven.....now all I want is that cd, and those concert tickets.
I promised myself, at age 14, that I could not die without meeting Hanson. Here's my chance kids...and maybe Isaac is still single!

This is one of the greatest things to happen all summer!!!

MMMBOP! :) To the greatest band of all time, thank you for making my day!


Song of the Day: "At Last" by Etta James....... :)

Hip hop was really fun last night except for the mirror hogger. Sometimes we get lucky and they DON'T come to class, but last night was NOT one of those nights! Anyway, I was really tired and I jetted it on back home. I talked to Clint for about an hour, and then I fell asleep buried in a pile of English Literature.

Woke up late again this morning...this is twice, ARGH! But I made it in time to stop by the Sonice on Midway! All large drinks before 11 are 99 cents! Considering it was 7 am, I got my drink, and drank it too! :)

I was too tired to fry my female parts in the tanning bed today so I came back home after school! I was suprised by a phone call from a long lost stranger - Brett! It was so nice to talk to him. I think he's gonna make about 20 grand in Mississippi this summer. He's a door to door salesman, can you believe it? I he'd be good at that...most guys are good salesmen...if you know what I'm saying girls!

My dad is in Chicago on work assignments, and he is very miserable. I'm wondering....if he quits his job, would he be happier? Would he come back to his wife and family? Or would he get worse, and plunge deeper into the woes of depression? God, if you're listening, its me, Cortney.

After I ate lunch I did what any 20 year old with a life would do. I gave my little sisters makeovers! Thing is, they turned out to be mini brunette versions of me! Ahh, to be so lucky! ;-)

Why is it that when you go to school looking like trash people stare, but when you actually look ok, nobody notices?
What have I not figured out?
What I have figured out is this: People out there are as clueless as I am about life, and I can't wait to meet them!

Has anyone noticed how in college we don't have assigned seats? But does it irk anyone else when someone sits in "yours"!!!
I get to the first day of class so early. To find my perfect seat; a seat where I can not only see and hear the teacher, but I can eat, drink, and occasionally sleep, without being a distraction to the class.
And my seat was gone by this week. ARGH!

"Take my seat, I'm gon split ya wig,
And make write my name on it BIG,
I know babies that is mo' smarter than you,
So while you crawl out the class c'mon and kiss my shoe!"

"My lonely days are over...And life is like a song!"


-whos that girl? c.flow's that girl-

studmunky: gee all those years of training with you really paid off for me tonight in the cortney quote contest. I'd like to thank all the people who made this win possible:



Mottos of the Day:

"True love cannot grow where it does not exist...and it cannot hide from where it does."

"Everybody come with some type of baggage. What makes us different is how we carry it, or if we even choose to."

I miss you Shorty K!!!
Can't wait to see all y'all on Thursday!!! Aggieland, here I come!




Just when you thought that you had the coolest room at the sorority house.....it gets even better! Jeffrey brought me something today to dress it all up....and you'll never guess what it is. Oh, but for those of you that know me?

You'll be expecting it!



-c.Flow, coolest room in the sorority house EVA!-

thanks j.natedogg! :)
Today was an awesome day!

6am:wake up, get ready for Dallas Maverick Dancer Tryouts!
8am:leave for tryouts with mom and Sarah
10am:registration starts, and I see my friend Amanda from C/S
11:30am:Freestyle competition begins, and we get introduced to the judges!
This year the "celebrity" judges were the Fitz from Wild 100 and the dirtiest man alive, Domino from Kiss FM.
Fitx did his rendition of R.Kelly's Ignition and Domino got a ton of phone numbers....ICK
1pm:Announcement of SemiFinal girls, list went from 500 to 200, and #86 was actually on it! (me)
4pm:Announcement of finalists, and Cortney went home.

All I can say is...I had a great time! I have 2 years before I can even consider being a Mavs Dancer, its only ten bucks to try out! :)

On the way home my mom was sitting there sorting out her thoughts. For those of you that wonder where I get my weirdness from, just listen to what she said:

Mom:"Domino is so skanky..."
"Its lucky he's on the radio, 'cause if he wasn't then everyone could throw apples at him...."
"With big worms in them!!!!"

And me and Sarah preceded to laugh for the next ten minutes!!!

Next weekend me and Amanda are taking on H-TOWN!
Yeah kids I'm trying out for Houston Rockets Power Dancers next weekend!
Don't stop till you reach the top right?




Song of The Day:"Boys" Remix by Brit and the Neptunes

HOWDY and welcome to another fun FRIDAY, WHOOP!!

Just want to mention that my lil sis, the wonderful, beautiful, talented woman named Lauren has started blogging again, check out the link. If you ever wanted to know how an amazing person's day is, now you have all access! ;-)

Yesterday was a long day at school, and I made it through blurrily! I stayed up all night making funny faces with Sean on our webcams! Those things are so funny cause they are so slow! You like have to either do something in slow motion or pause, and continue! HEH HEH

Sean has been one of my best friends since I was in eighth grade. I've never met him either. I know it sounds freaky, but all my best buds know about him. We talk on the phone and send emails and cards, you know. It's like havin a best friend that moved far away when you were a kid, but that you still keep in touch with. Him and Jeff can be almost the same person sometimes, its so weird!

I did a photo shoot with Kris afterschool yesterday. He has this "vision" for his new porfolio, and I can always use new pics, so it was fun! I watched him edit one of my pictures yesterday. Its so cool. I had a piece of hair that was in the way of my eye, and he just erased it! Unbelievable. Now I realize that if a little guy can do something like that, what can those big shot photographers for magazines do? ANYTHING!
Therefore....I feel a little bit better about myself.

After I came home I rejoiced! Thursday night kick it cause I don't have school on Fridays. I can do whatever the heck I want and go to bed whatever time I want, because I have no responsibility on Fridays. It's my true "summer".

Today I'm getting ready for Mavs tryouts tomorrow. The experience is worth it. Once I'm graduated from A&M, I want to be one of those girls. So I consider this my "research" time.

I'm excited, but still nervous....there's a lot of people you have to get up in front of with a skimpy outfit. But confidence pays off. It's not my dancing I worry about, its my body. But I still have 2 years......

"I'm from N.E.R.D, aren't you Britney?"




Song of the Day: "In Those Jeans" by Genuwine...I have to laugh, the guy's so obsessed with her jeans, that's all he sings about! Girl MUST be lookin good, uh huh!!!!

Crappy Commercial of the Day:Those dang Fanta ones. I am gettin so sick of them....Don't tell me that their advertising is really working now kids!

Please join me in welcoming our newest blogger, CLINT!!!! YAY! I am so glad one of my friends has followed in my footsteps. He's gonna have some wonderful blogs, that are inspirational and uplifting! I know you all need this in your lives, so if you look to the right, there's a link!!!
Whoop for Clint, joinin the Blog bandwagon!!!
BTW, thanks for the shouout Clin-TON!

Anyways, another fun day. I woke up EXTREMELY late this morning, due in part to the fact that I passed out in my lit book downstairs. But that's what you get for procrastinatin, I suppose. So I took my breakfast to history, and tried to keep up with the lady, who happens to be a speed lecturer. But I like her whole get to the point thing. Its nice to have a prof who realizes we're all in there cause we gotta take it, so let's all just get it over with! Brit Lit didn't go so great. The room was about 50 degrees, so we were all freezing, and falling asleep because he asked us to read so much stuff last night. Then he turned around and read it all back to us this morning. ARRRRRRRRGHHHH! I hate that.

So the question is....shall I read tonight? I wonder if anyone else is.

There aren't any friendly people in my classes, and that makes me glad. Cause if there was, I'd try to look fresh and happy all the time. Nah. I'm at the end of my rope. With 17 days of summer school left, everyone can shake off me and see the ugly and exhausted girl I truly am. OH YEAH!

What else did I do today? I fell asleep and this time I had a vivid and very freaky dream. I was at Matt King's house with a bunch of Naaman people. I think I dreamed this because Casey Garland is in my Lit class. ( I just know his name, I dont know him) Anyways, there were a lot of dogs there, and I was swimming in a pool. Any significance? Doubt it!

Tonight? Dinner, dance and homework, and hopefully bed before 3 this time! EEsh. But no class Friday, I can make it, knock on wood.

Genuwine to girl: "Is there any more room for me in those jeans....."
Girl response: "I told you no the first time you asked me, boy! Just cause you Genuwine don't mean you be a playa!"

"Hair all messy,
Undereyes is black,
Jeans and t shirts,
Cause I don't give a crap,
Sun shines on,
Even though in class I be,
I wish God could spare
Some extra summer for Cort-ney!"


-c.Flow, as if u didn't know-


Songizzle o' da Dizzle: "One Minute Man" by Missy, feat. LUDA!

Ooooh Cortney just got AOL dissed. This foo kept pestering me for an answer, but too bad some people don't like the truth. He signed off without even saying good bye.......Dangit, I forgot to be upset!
What's next....is he going to block me forever?

Heh heh. ;-)

First day of SUMMA II like whoa. Teachers are pretty cool SO FAR, but looks like I'm gonna have to do a buttload of reading for Brit Lit. Who knew? I did take a boy ratio in my classes, though. Girls outnumber boys in history, but there are some nice prospects, and far more choices in Lit. Don't believe me? Come check out my SYLLABI!

I also got my hair done today, yay! Looks ALOT better, no more "ruts"

Yestaday I went and saw 28 Days Later w/ da Rich-meister. I went in thinkin it was supposed to be a horror movie, but did y'all know its actually supposed to be science fiction? It's like reaching for a Coke and you end up drinkin Sprite. It's not bad, you just weren't expecting it.

Life's back to normal. School in the day, dance at night. Except I get out of school a lot earlier, and its in a seemingly nice part of D-Town, lots more traffic though! But am I EVER ready to get back to College Station.

I noticed something. Everyone's dating someone, that whole "summer love" stuff. And I figured out something. I'm not a "summer love" type of girl. Everytime I've been dating someone during summer, they're my boyfriend, continuing from a previous spring, or going into a fall. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is not a bad thing. Right? Right?

"Ludacris balance and rotate all tires!"

"Flow oh ohhhh, watch me watch me watch me flow oh ohhhhh, the name be c.Flow oh ohhh, I'm the one you wanna know oh ohhh..."
(To the tune of shake a tailfeather)



I bow down to thee, oh laziest Saturday of my life in a long time! One of the best feelings in the world has to be waking up at 7, realizing you ain’t gotta do nothing, and going back to bed till the cows come HOME! MOO!

So I love scary movies (Katie’s still got grab mark on her arms from going to see The Ring with me), and I wanted to go see 28 Days Later. So my wonderful guy bud Richard volunteers to take me, and I agree, after all he’s got the strength to handle my guns. Okay, okay, I’m a fraidy cat, I asked him to go with me please! :)

Anyways, getting to Cinemark 20 mins till movie time is NOT a good idea. The movie was full like WHOA, so Richard decides to go see Legally Blonde 2. And it was awesome…..(he liked it too)
Makes me wanna be a blonde and beautiful lawyer all ova again!!!

Then he brought me home and we sat outside and talked, and he even played his guitar……
I’m excited because my pent up frustration is going to be turned into a song. Richard has been working on some guitar with Nick Enwright, and I’m writing the words. What’s better is, is that when they become famous, the CD jacket will read : “Track 13: blah blah blah, Lyricist: c.Flow”

That’s all it’ll say. Why? Cause by then I’ll be like Cheers. Everybody will know my name.
And they always be glad they came!

Holla to all my middle school peeps who used to live it up at Richardson 6. I went by there today and you’ll never guess what the building has turned into. An Indian temple party palace.
They got it painted all pukey green with fake black trim on the outside. There’s 6 different doors, one leading to a club, another to a lounge, a bar, and of all things a temple.

All I can say is: What’s up with Protestants not jumping on this idea first?
And the tag line reads: “Get yo club on, Get yo Jesus on”

I was talking to my mom about boys today, something I love to do. She thinks my pickiness will keep me from finding anyone. But then I reminded her of every girl I know. All of y’all love those romantic movies, and you can’t believe I don’t. What you don’t realize is that real guys aren’t like you see one the movies. Wanna know what a real guy is?
He’s that person who wasn’t able to show up for something important….but he did, with flowers and a smile.
He’s that person that the minute he found out you were upset, he picked wildflowers from his grandparents’ yard in the middle of the night and brought them over to make you feel better.
He’s that person that sits on the sidewalk with you, talking about any and everything till you’re both exhausted…..but too happy to ever wanna leave.
He’s that person that knows your idea of a perfect night: a 2am run to IHOP to eat your favorite meal of the day (breakfast), and long talks over 5 gazillion pitchers of never-ending coffee.

He’s not rich or glamorous or even perfect.
A real guy does one of these things, and he is beautiful in my eyes.

My advice: Don’t get caught up in created fantasy dream guys. We’ve all got the real thing, that’s ten million times better, and they’re all right in front of us. What are you waiting for?

One more day off and I start SUMMA II! WHOOP for being halfway through summer school, and one moth away from new beginnings and old friends in Aggieland!


“I’ve been patiently waiting for a track to explode on….”

-renowned lyricist, dancer, and rapper-
:) c.Flow :)


Song of the Day, only because it definitely takes me back, and it came on in Taco Bueno today: "MMMBop" by the brothas HANSON!

Sorry been so long Bloggin'! S'sbeen a long week!

My dad moved out Tuesday morning. No, my parents weren't fighting, no nobody had an affair. He was just tired of being unhappy with the way his life was hear with a wife and 3 daughters, so he left. Yeah, I've been crying on and off, but I think I'm pretty much done. I've been talking alot to people.

Props to Clint for talking to me on the phone for two mornings in a row, and to Richard for coming over to talk to me two nights in a row, and mad props to everyone else that I've been talking to on the phone, you really don't know how much it helps!!!

In other words, I haven't been doing much the past couple days!

I finally got out of the house tonight! I met Katie over at her house and then we went to a Fourf o July party at Mark's!!!! (His parents were gone, of course!) I met all of the cool Lake Highlands people I hear about all the time. We talked, and I watched them play silly drinking games, but we all eventually ended up on the patio, talking by the pool. It was so awesome to finally get to hang out with so many people my age again, and just talk about silly stuff.

I think I'm starting to go back to normal. I really think life's gonna be easier for me to adjust to than my mom and sisters. I'm about to mave back to College Station. Nothing has changed there, and my friends are still the same as I left em. I think it'll make up for the brokenness of what I came home to on Monday.

Don't worry......humor and Rhyzzle of the Dizzle will be back!!!

In the mean time........"MMMBop ba duba dop ba du bop, duba dop ba du bop, ba duba dop ba du.....yeah yeah!!!"

I bet y'all know NO ONE who knows those lyrics, but ME!!!
I love you all, you're the best friends a gal like me could ever have. If you ever need to talk, whoa am I EVER ready to listen!




MUAH hahahahahah!

Song of the Day: "Beautiful" by C.A......."tryin hard to fill the emptiness, the pieces gone, left the puzzle undone, but we are beautiful, no matter what they say, words won't bring us down..../and everywhere we go the sun will always shine...."

Wow what a long and excellent weekend! Friday I headed down to College Station for a dance audition, don't know how it went yet! That night me and Amie went to Shadow. Wow, was it a toolshed. I think every loser in the history of C/S walked up to us. DISS and DIS MISS! Plus there was this one guy. Let me just tell you about this guy. He went on this long rant about how gay he thought other guys were for hitting on us, and how important he thinks it is to get to really know a girl, and have conversations, and how he's different than all the others, and its wrong to hit on girls so distastefully.

BLah BLah Blah dude...he preceded to hit on ME an hour later, and asked for my number. Boy I felt bad. No one ever asks for my number, so I stupidly gave it to him. I had to, what if I run into him again and he charges me with false digits!!!! So yeah I gave him the cell phone, but I never answered it. He called 3 times the next day, and I let it ring. I hope he gets the hint...I'm really not mean, but the guy's a TOOL!!!!!!!

So anyway, leaving Shadow on Friday we came outside and there was a black dude lying unconscious in a puddle of blood on the sidewalk, beaten up by some passersby. He was alright when the popo got there. So now I've seenit all. Not scared to go to a REAL ghetto club in D Town, long as I don't get shot or whatevs.

Saturday I did hand out the cookies in Waco. And guess what? A kid and his mom walked by and the kid goes "Mom look its the Nilla Wafer Lady!"
Know what that means? I can die peacefully, for I am THE nilla wafer lady, extrordinaire.

Sunday I worked at the Justified/Stripped tour in Houston. It was so awesome!! I got to sit on the side this time. Nice to have a different perspective. I even got to go backstage, if only for a bit. But it was way cool. I went and spent the night w/ my best childhood friend, Emily. We talked about a lot of stuff, and it was fun. I woke up Monday morn and drove home, all 4 hours!!! But it was worth it to have such a fun weekend.

It was not worth it to come home.

I'll explain after my sister gets back from camp.

No rhyzzle of the dizzle today kids, not in a rhyming mood.