Hello to all my Vitamin G's!

Song of the Day: "Say My Name"....you actin' kinda shady, ain't calling me baby, BETTA say my name.

Another day has passed, and here I am, bloggin it up. I'm reading old notes from my middle school note shoeboxes. If you guys didn't pass OR recieve notes in middle school, you missed out. Notes were all the rage. If you weren't one of us, chances you weren't cool. Guess what? A middle school teacher's top two hated objects: chewing gum, and NOTES!!! :)

Since I don't have school Fridays, I was productive. I did dishes and laundry, started to make a jean skirt, and hung out with one of my friends. Fun stuff kiddos!!!

I've been thinking a lot about all you guys who are asking girls out on dates. After listening intently to my gal pals, watching TV, and thinking, I've got some dating advice for guys. Everything you need to know, so you won't look like an idiot on your next date.

*Rules of Dating Project, compiled and edited for time by c.Fo*
1-Don't contact her within a week of the first date and ask where she sees the relationship heading. She doesn't even know you........what relationship are YOU talking about?
2-Don't ask her what she wants to do. Be a freakin man and plan it out yourself. Her only responsibility is looking pretty and being somewhat on time.
3-Don't be all clingy to her. Be a sweet gentleman, and be yourself, but save your dirty and dumb jokes for someone else!
4-If you dare make her pay anything, or even ask her for money, even change...be prepared to be dismissed!
5-In the car, the music selection should always be planned out...know what she likes to listen to ahead of time. There is nothing more embarassing on your part that saying, "I know you'll love this", turning on the song, singing it so loud, and her either not knowing the song, or even better, hating the song.
6-The number of awkward silences equals the number of times she'll not pick up the phone when she sees your number on the caller id.
7-Don't try to go all out. Then she'll expect a big show from then on out, and we don't want that now do we?
8-Don't ask her what she's gonna wear. Its a surprise!
9-If your plans fall through, go with it. There is nothing better than a guy who can pull off a plan B.
10-I don't care how much money you spent, it ain't buying you a kiss unless she's feeling it.

Whew, now that was exhausting. Keep sending me your comments and complaints and I will keep the men of America posted.

-Signing off, this is the one, the only, c.Fo-
"I got mo ice than the freezer at 7 Eleven, my smile sends brothas straight up to Heaven,
spilling rhymes so fresh cause I em picked myself, c.Fo gon change yo world like nobody else!"

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