This one's gonna cover Weds. night and Thurs. night, whereas I'll be on my "Tour of Texas" weekend! That's right! Me and Bo (my pet name for my car) will be off and up out!

Wednesday night at approximately 6:30 pm, the Lord blessed me tremendously. A woman with a promotions company called and asked me if (1) I would like to get paid to hand out flyers at a concert (2) if I would like to get into the concert for free and sit on the fifth row floor (3) if I could handle also getting a free hat, shirt, and bag, and finally (4) if I would be interested in doing this for the Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake concert on Thursday night.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! It took me oh two seconds to tell her "OMG YES!"

So then me and Rami went to IHOP for drinks and chat time. Rami is a cool cat. He's more mature than I am, so I really like getting his advice, opinion, and views on everything. Plus, he's superfunny. Rami, thanks dude for making me realize something....if it's supposed to happen, it will no matter what. I can't keep worrying about doing or not doing something in this situation, I just gotta let it be. And I can't pretend I don't feel that way when I KNOW I do.

I'm sleeping better. :)

So today (THURSDAY) I went to school, took a nap in between classes, and came back home. I had about an hour to get ready and then I had to be up at American Airlines Center to get started at work. We met up with our cool boss dude, and he informs us that he has extra free tickets, for anyone that wants them!!! So who did I call? Katie and Rami! KATIE WINS!!! Pretty nice early birthday present huh?

The concert was amazing. I hung out with 5 other girls that I was working with, and we all became instant friends. I was so close to the stage, I was like 10 feet away from it! I have NEVER been that close. Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson were there! Justin's choreographer's family was right behind me. One of Justin's dancers, Marty, is best friends with Clint's brother in law, so I said hello to him! I also ran into Naaman and Garland girl! GEEZ!! After the concert, Katie met up with me and thanked me for her tickets. In beween JT and Xtina, I called her cell and we waved at eachother from our seats. She definaitely had nosebleed, but loved it anyway!

New blog friend!!! Katie's friend Mark came with her! Mark is so funny, you guys! Mark, I promise to save you a Magic Hulk card.

At the end of the concert I passed out posters for Mattel's new Barbie dolls called FLAVAS. Mark and Katie teased me extremely well, but you know me, I loved it!

I also got asked to work again this Sunday in Houston!! So I'll get to do it all over again, and spend the night at my best friend Emily's house in H TOWN, WHOOP!!!! I can't wait to see the concert again!!!

I took some bomb diggity pics tonight I hope, I can't wait to get em developed!

Anyways, Richie picked me up from the AAC tonight cause my g-parents were nice enough to take me out there. Rich took me to get some dinner, well some IHOP, YUM, and then he brought me home.


Shout out to Stotts who was at Westlake skating rink today. The most embarassing moment of my life happened there in the seventh grade. I'm at Carrie's birthday party, and I really don't know that many people. I'm minding my own bidness when the annoucer yells "This is a request from Cortney to Kyle Schrock!" And cue Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" Do any of you realize how I felt at that moment? I didn't know Kyle, and whatever making love included, I didn't wanna be part of that with him. Shake off, Westlake!

I was always the kid with big feet. Mommy wouldn't buy me cool speed skates, so I bumpily rolled along on brown suede with orange wheels. Let's not forget the blaring size "9" on the back. Humiliation:the middle name of middle school Cortney! Couple skate, ha. No one wants a brown footer.

If you wanna hear me gush more about how unbelievable the concert was, you'll just have to call. But seeing the length of this Blog, I'm sure you'll get the idea!

Those rhymes I post at the bottom of the screen are know as my "Rhyzzles of the Dizzles"
Some of you didn't realize this, but now you do, so I don't have to get funny looks when I refer to them like that!

"I been sittin here, cant get you off my mind, I try my best to be a gal and be strong, I drive myself insane wishin I could touch your face, but the truth remains....."

-c.Fo pending-

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