Hello again!!! Yes I survived the concert, and boy do I have a story or two to tell....however, it will have to wait until the blessed Song of the Day: "Here We Go" by Grits..."he feel it she feel it we feel it, so round and round we go, he feel it she feel it we feel, OH here we go!"

I must say I am thoroughly suprised that Mister Stotts has not blogged about his beloved Tupac, when yesterday was his brithday man! What are you gonna do on his death brithday man? I was thinking we could attach dynamite to his surfboard and.....wait I'm thinking of a movie...QUICK!! Name that movie!

SO! Who wants to hear how awesome the Chili Peppers concert was last night! Well here's a dainty little recap.

First Me, Richard, Nick Enwright, and his gf Korinna went to get some grub and we plunged into nasty rush hour traffic. Peppers or bust! Anyway, we're in line to to get into the parking lot and some dumb idiotic girl decides that she's gonna reverse. We couldn't move, due to the line behind us, and by the time we honked at her. her dang Blazer was sitting on top of our Saturn sedan. All she could say was "Oh, I didn't mean to do that!" She left with tiny scratches, we got a huge dent in the hood of the car.

But did that spoil anything! NO! We went inside to get our seats! Row "L" ended up being 8 rows back from the stage! I could see everything! 4 of Rich's friends met up with us all and we took out seats!

Snoop Dogg went first, along with his entourage of 20 people. All the girls in front were asked to come up on stage, and can y'all believe it? I completely chickened out! There were just too many scary dudes up there! They were even doing drugs on stage. By the way...Supafly looks like a pimp fo shizzle!

Then came RHCP! They were so awesome! I yelled and sang and danced. They put on an amazing show, and I actually knew most of the songs!!! My favorite was when they played "Under the Bridge" because me and Daddy used to sing that together when I was 8. Memories....

After trudging back to the car through the huge parking lot and admitting defeat, we decided it would be fun to hurl left over beer bottles into oblivion. There is nothing more satisfying then listen to glass shatter, watching it explode, knowing that you won't get hurt, or caught!

Fun don't stop there! After the show, we waited out back by the tour buses for two hours. What did we get? A glimpse of their faces as they pulled away....not even a wave or an acknowledgement. If I was famous, I'd be all about doing autographs. They don't realize how much money it makes em! But I guess after 20 years, you get tired.

I would like to pay tribute to my friend Ben Stahl. The first song the Peppers sang was a song he taught me the lyrics to in seventh grade, and he sings em the best. "What I got you got to give it to your dog and then you do a little dance and you drink a little water.." I would also like to point out that Ben Stahl's truck is residing in my neighborhood down the street! WHO LIVES THERE? This I would like to know!

HAHA!!!! Total disrespect abounds today in my government class, because I got caught doing a crossword puzzle during lecture, PLUS I got called out for it. I tried to tell him he wasn't interrupting me, but he still made me put it away. Dang Liberal.

Not much else was on today. I was tired from last night so I napped it up today. I rarely take maps anymore! And if you are an Aggie with me, you know I be nappin like it be gon' outta style!!!

But now I gots to go, a paper awaits!

"The Spurs are on top, and thats okay, Dirk was hurt and thats the only reason why they stayed;
the Mavs are the greatest of all around, in 2004 its about to go down!"

Tell me whose a Mavericks fan, DEUCE!


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