Sorry its been so long kiddos! Now I gotsta think back to whats been happenin since Thursday!!

Good news! I auditioned at the start of May for the dance program and I got in! I am now officially a dance minor at Texas A&M, WHOOP!!!

Aside from being so excited about that, I haven't really been up to all that much! I watched the MTV movie awards, and can I just say that JT and SWS were makin my laugh my booty off! After that I went and watched Super Troopers with Jeff and Andrew and Andrew's woman! :) It was good times!

Friday, let's see! I went with the fam and my g-dawgs to go eat at Applebee's and then we went and rented 2 movies : Drumline and A Guy Thing! Out of 5 stars, DL gets 5, AGT gets 2. I don't really wanna watch that one again, it doesn't do Julia Stiles or Jason Lee ANY justice!

This weekend I visited Shreveport with Jeff for the first time ever! I took a 5 minute tour of Centenary College cause hey folks, thats how long it takes! Then we went over to Ashlie and Amy's apartment and ate crawfish. They were way little, yo, and really dirty. YUM! Then we went and hung at at Luke's until Diddy came in town. Once he got there we went and chilled at the Theta Chi house with a bunch of Jeff's bros. I would name em all, but I'm afraid I would forget someone and that would make me feel horrible! Anyways, they were way nice and down to earth guys. It made me miss my pals!
I think the best part of the trip was stopping at Wendy's on the way home......all I can say is....don't put the Ludacris Word of Mouf CD in right when you pull up to the pickup window...the helpful employee might get more than a thank you, if you know what I MEAN!!!!!

I think that's the hardest I've laughed since Dibo fell over backwards in at Eric's apartment in Los Angeles.

It's so weird being at a school where there's only 1000 students.....when I go to a school with 45,000. There's good and bad things about both, but I gotta show my love for Aggieland. I liek being a little fish in a big pond....its kinda fun knowing there's about 44,700 people I have a chance to get to know!

**I miss my friends back home in CS!**
Shout out to my soul sister Raba, who sent me a way wonderful email replay today.
There's something about getting mail back from a best bud to make the day that much brighter..... :)

School is so-so. Very, very, very boring. Today the teach in my gov't class made me stand up and talk and I didn't have a word to say! Talk about embarassing, literally. Finally after grunting for a couple seconds he let me sit down....there goes my A!

Song of the day? Definitely "Pimp Juice" oooh oooh ooooh..........I think I gotta cut him loose, YES I DO!

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