Song of this day? "This Is How We Do It".....South Central does it like NOBODY does!

In the tradition of TOP FIVE lists I made one up today in government class.

(1) For the first time in two weeks, Professor Wolfson wore a different polo...not the UTD one, not the Longhorns one, oh today he wore a black polo with the words "Grill Doctor" on the right hand side....no wonder no one's caught onto his style, he's moving too fast for us younguns!

(2) Professor Wolfson's favorite word is "Soporific". He made all of us learn what it means: sleep inducing. Fairly ironic, doncha think?

(3) Professor Wolfson's Phrase of The Week: "If you know what I mean, and I think you do!"

(4) In the middle of talking about lobbyists, he blurts out "Does Gucci make suits?" Sounds like SOMEBODY needs a lesson from the Big Tymers!

(5) In a moment of boredom, I glanced around my class to behold the most extensive collection of doodling masterpieces I've ever seen. And he thought we were all taking notes!!! Makes me even prouder of my 2 best works today : "Cup of Joe" and "Freaky Ghost with Flippers".

Onto other fun news!!! I went up to officer camp to see my gals last night! I sure do miss everyone...especially Traci and Sarah. But it sounds like officer camp went off way smooth, and I'm proud of everyone!

After class I went to go see "Finding Nemo" with the g dawgs and the sistas! It was way cute, and action packed!!!

MY ROOMMATE KATIE IS HOME FROM EUROPE!!!! I was SOOOOOOOO glad to hear her voice on the phone today. She called me in the middle of class and I wanted to answer it so bad, but I had to wait!!! Luckily, she'll be in Dallas until the beginning of July so rejoice everyone, my best girl is home!!!

I have to type two papers tonight....BLAH. But I'm still going to hip hop because talent doesn't stay real if you ain't polished it in awhile.

Here's a thought for you guys to ponder tonight: Being in love is like hearing your favorite song come on the radio. You can't get enough of it. You are overjoyed when its there, wanting it when its gone. You turn up the volume so loud that your ears almost burst, but you don't care. But there's always a time when you finally have to turn the music down......

Hasta la vista...until tomorrow my friends!

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