Song of the Day: "Throw Dem 'Bows" by Ludacris, of course. I never really appreciated what great flava that song had till I listened to it today in the heavy traffic on the way to my skool. "Cadillac grills, Cadillac bills, check out the oil my Cadillac spills....."

I preceded to have a fantasy about meeting Luda. Wanna hear? Here it goes.
LC:"Hey, you're a good dancer."
Cort:"I know, Cris."
LC:"You're nice, too. Do you wanna be in my next video and be the first white girl to sign on my new label?"
LC:"What's your rap handle gonna be?"

And thats where the fantasy ended folks!!! I have NO rap handle. c.Fo is my nickname...but what I'm gon do when j.Lo figures out that jacked it from her? She's gon act a fool! So here's what I'm gon do.......ASK FOR HELP!

I need a rap star name!!!

And here's something fun I thought about today....
Coach accessories are cute, classy, stylish, great quality, not cheap, attainable after some time, go with everything, are fun to be seen with, and start with the initial C. If you haven't figured it out by now...they're just like me!!! :)

It's been a long day, and it's gonna get longer, so I better FLY...

Happy 22nd Birthday to Clint today, all of yous that know him better give him a shout out, ya hear?

I love you guys....call me sometime, k?

"Supreme CORT decides the case, she can't never be replaced,
and if you down to ride, then come sit CORTside,
she'll show you what it takes to be a big balla,
hit up her cell, and maybe she'll just callya!"

Nobody eva talk bad bout tha Dirty Souf!

-the artist formerly known as c.Fo-

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