Song of The Day: "That's The Way I Like It"...KC and the Sunshine Band (whispered from the side of my mouth, Goldmember style)....the Finale song from my fav new summer musical, "From Justin to Kelly" !!!!!!

Last night best roomie in the world, aka KATIE!!!! came over! We went to eat at Bahama Breeze, this kickbutt Carribean restaurant in Frisco. You guys should go sometime...but DON'T call first.

Why? Cortney's conversation with the Bahama Breeze phone answering guy, lets call him Reggae Ron:
Reggae Ron:(overexcited)Bahama Breeze! How may I serve YOU today!!!!!!!!!!!
Cortney:Hi, where exactly are y'all located on Preston?
Reggae Ron:On Preston!!!!
Cortney:(politely) Yes, but what intersection are you near?
Reggae Ron: No intersection, just Preston!!!!!!
Cortney:(clenching teeth) Are you close to anything?
Reggae Ron: Well, we're near the corner of Preston and 121!!!!!!!
Cortney: (pre-burst of every blood vessel) Well THANK YOU!!!!
Phone: SLAM!!!!

But yeah we still did go to the restaurant. Our waitress suggested everything on the menu to us, because we made the mistake of telling her that we'd never been there before! We rejected every drink, appetizer and dessert...all we wanted was dinner! Don't ya hate it when that happens?

Anyways, we left and came home, there was nothing to do last night, unfortunately. Her friends were not into doing much, all my friends were being boring, so we just spent the rest of the night giggling. Pretty much the story of our life! We have fun chilling, or just watching a movie. Now if we could find dudes like that......nah! NEVAH!

Woke up early this morning, got in a good breakfast and shower, and took the girls to see a movie!!!!
From Justin to Kelly:
Very funny because people would start randomly singing and dancing at the same time.....kinda forgot that it was a musical, but I highly doubt it will be hitting (or missing) Broadway very soon!!! If you love J&K, this movie's great! If you don't, and you hate musicals, get the heck out of Brooklyn if you know what's good for you!

Last night I played Katie all the CD's I burned myself with my new Cd burner! She said that she likes to hang out around me because I keep her up on her hip hop. You hear that people? I am a HIP HOP QUEEN! Don't be skared!

Anyways, I laid out on the balcony today to try and get some sun. I ended up falling asleep, having more dreams of meeting Ludacris. When I woke up, I was sweating, and the sun was on its way down, way way down! I freaked out cause I forgot where I was and it didn't feel like I had a shirt on! (Maybe cause I was in a swimsuit, duh!) Anyways, I thought I was topless and almost fell off the chair trying to get up. DORK! :)

Sarah's friend Alyssa is staying here with us for a few days, so I helped them make gifts for drill team camp tonite! I also walked with Daddy, and made Kroger brand gelatin. NOT JELLO! Ya hear!

I'm going to College Station on Sunday for an aerobics workshop, so If anyone wants to go hang out from 12-3, lemme know!!!

Sorry such a boring day, kids!

"C, O, R to the T,
What's that you hearing?
Kid, that's me!
Spitting those rhymes like freakin Mother Goose,
When they see me dancing,
Itsa big ol white caboose!"

-the artist still still formerly known as c.Fo-

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