SONG OF THE DAY: Skee Lo's classic hit, "I Wish"...hey you what's that sound, everybody look what's going down, ah yes, ain't that fresh, everybody wants to get down like that!

This will be my last blog until sometime this weekend! "Why oh why Cortney why must you leave us?" I know is the question all you loyal friends of mine are asking. Because a weekend ain't a weekend without c.Fo. It's like a postcard collection without postcards.

Since I don't have school Friday I'm trucking it on down to College Station tomorrow, and I'm staying at Amie and Lauren's. On Friday I have a dance audition for a competitive dance group at one of the studios in C/S.

Oh but Saturday tops it all! I get paid money pass out magic Hulk cards and Nilla wafers, and play games with little kids, at the Wal Mart in the exotic location of Waco, Texas. When you can't find a job, what do you do? PROMOTIONAL WORK!!!

Anyways, my stupid government prof wore his colors today, telling us that he bleeds orange. It wouldn't bother me that he's a Longhorn, except for the fact that everyone in my class that is a Republican or an Aggie is the devil.
In despite of the indignation I feel towards him, I don't say anything. Instead, I make models of him. Today I used a 20 ounce coke bottle (diet vanilla, what else?) and constructed what I feel is a very close image to what he looks like. It had what it wishes was hair, and it was dang ugly. I saw the resemblance, as did the three girls sitting behind me.

"I used to be smart but that didn't last,
No one believes I was fifth in my class,
Richland is tight cause I do really good,
Makes up for classes in my Aggie hood."

Before I saw farewell, I say "We didn't come to start no trouble, we're just here to do the Superbowl Shuffle!" DEUCE!

-who am i! c.Fo mother mother!-

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