Song of the Day: "Senorita" by the one, the only Justin Timberlake...."Guys say, It feels like something's heatin up, can I leave wit you, Ladies! I don't know what I'm thinkin bout, really leavin wit you..." The Christina Aguilera/Justin Timberlake tour WILL DEFINITELY be here in Dallas this Thursday night!!!! Guess who's going! Well not me....the most anticipated concert of the summer, and I will be absent when they call the roll of a lifetime.


I added links to Jeff's, Tyler's, and Rami's blogs over there on the right hand side. Jeff is my best friend thats not a girl, Tyler looks like Prince William (no joke girls, I swear), and Rami's my Sig Ep babe.

Holla, its back in school again, 7 more days of this misery and then I start Summa 2. Peeps think I be crazy takin 15 hours during the summer but thats what ya gotta do when you change yo major to something you actually like!

Anything fun happen today...well, I didn't sleep but a couple hours last night.
I've been thinking about someone way too much, and my friend Fear of Rejection is going to give me MANY sleepless nightsfor awhile. Why don't I just take a chance sometimes? Cause I'm a big scare-D-cat, thats why. Somebody special is going to get away from me for the millionth time, but will I say anything? NO. Geez, Cort.
Don't you hate when stuff just eats you up inside, and gets worse when you try not to think about it? UGH. As Rami would say "Shake off me, thoughts!"

We watched a movie in Gov't instead of listening to crazy Liberal talk. The movie was about white and colored people doing horizontal mambo in the 60s and getting arrested for it. Apparently, this Hallmark movie is about Civil Rights!

I did get a lot done today! I laid out, did my crunches (30 pounds to burn, kids), did some homework, and went to hip hop. Man I love my hip hop class, it is so off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Pi Phi pal Nikki is in my class now too, yippee!!!!

"I live good, East Coast, West Coast, Worldwide..."
Name that song and I give you a penny. Or two...maybe three? Nah.

"I ain't white, just a blacker shade of pale,
Cancel yo games faster than the XFLs',
Not from the Bronx, not raised on da streets,
I be dat suthern suburb gal wit da funky rap beats!"


-who am I? still c.FO-

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