Song of the day: "Overprotected"......Say hello to the girl that I am....you're gonna have to see through my perspective.

I have realized that being an old fashioned good ol girl is not goin over so well....guess y'all will just get to DEAL WITH IT! :)

Aside from Garland turning into Monsoon City, not a lot went on today. I went to school, got out of both classes early, and ate lunch.
When I got home my little sister Emily was freaking out. She was alone during the storm, so when I got there I felt really bad for her. So I did what any dorky older sister would do. I lit us a candle in case the lights went out, and we got out the board games!!!!

Might I add that even though a 12 year old beat me in "Clue" everytime, however a certain 20 year old kicked butt in Trivial Pursuit for Juniors!!!!

And that's about all that happened....wow...sorry this is so boring!!!

Thought of the Day: How you be accusing someone of never calling you, when you know full well that you ain't called them either!!! DEUCE!


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