Song of the Day: "Magic Stick" by Lil Kim and 50 Cent...."1 minute 6 seconds"....doesn't take long to figure out what that song's about, look at the title, geez!

My government dork sent me home with a message for all you exotic animal lovers today. He said to quit buying them because they're giving us monkey pox. And I know you're saying "Ok Cortney, is that all?" Well yeah it is. But you weren't the one that got to sit there and listen to him talk about it for 45 minutes. Dang Monkey Pox!

Therefore, I'm blaming all overseas countries for the fatigue I'm having after dragging myself out of that lecture.

And by the way, sorry you guys don't have as cool of a roommate as I do!

"I may not be pretty or have lots of money,
But I'm always a real sweet honey,
Guys don't call and gals don't envy,
c.Fo's got tha friends in life, and that's plenty."

I'm not that innocent...DEUCE!

-the artist STILL formerly known as c.Fo-

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