Song of the Day: "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"....."and then I kiss your eyes, and thank God we're together, I just wanna stay with you in this moment forever, and ever and ever and ...." It wins the award for my number one guaranteed to turn to mush song. Everytime I hear it, I wish someone would feel that way about me because that song is so so so so sweet, and I almost cry. You guys didn't think I had all that under this hard exterior huh? You'd be suprised what you don't know kids.....

ANYWAYS!!! I was in College Station today, holla! I had to go for and Aerobic Dance workshop!!!
A fun little man named Scotty taught it!!! But Scotty taught for too long. Scotty liked to dance, and Scotty liked to go 45 minutes over. Scotty was about to be history until my aerobics boss lady told us we'd get paid if we stayed till Scotty finished his schpiel. Thank you Scotty for earning me 6 extra bucks!!!!

Never underestimate what an overexcited male aerobics instructor can do for your checkin account.


Today's suggestions come from a Mister Jeffrey S. of Alberquerque, New Mexico!!!

ILoatheTheLakers: When you can't sleep you come up w/ possible rap names: C-Note, Cort Order, Blonde Bombshell, Cort Case; I personally like C-Note

Thank you Mister Jeffrey! Remember, Cortney needs a new rap star name, help help help!

My sisters are watching Willy Wonka in the next room. Does anyone else think that that Willy guy is putting more than sugar in that candy?

I'm gonna go read some funny emails by Strong Bad at www.homestarrunner.com
If you've never been to that website, I can't tell you how funny it is!!!

"Fast on my feet and smooth wit da rhyme,
Been on tv not one but two time,
Diet Vanilla Coke be my drinkage of choice,
I can rap but don't ask for no good singin voice!"

"hit me baby one more time" DEUCE!

-the artist that's still c.Fo-

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