Song of the Day: "Crazy in Love"......."got me lookin so crazy right now your love's got me lookin so crazy right now, lookin so crazy in love, got me lookin got me lookin so crazy in love"....I love you Beyonce'!!! You know you my favorite black girl, right?

Today was a fun trip to Frisco to go shopping!!!! I think the best part was convincing my mom to take the toll road. We DO have a toll tag, but she insists on stopping at every tollbooth just to MAKE SURE the light will turn green. Sometimes you just gotta shake your head and *sigh*....when did parents become so naiive? Makes em even easier to love!

Other than that, it was an uneventful day! I cooked me some dinner later on, and I am making popsicles out of orange soda in the freezer right now. And if anyone makes fun of me for staying home on a Friday and a Saturday night, I will once again remind the general public that I was waiting on three people to call me to do something both nights. BOO YA!

"Guys like you make my eyes see,
It ain't so bad to be just plain me,
No other person needed on which to rely,
Like NSYNC I be sayin' bye-bye-bye!"

-the arteest formerly known as c.Fo-

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