Song of the day: "California Love", "I Ain't Mad At Cha", "How Do U Want It" all in honor of Tupac's b-day. Tune it to 97.9, they're playing a tribute!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged all weekend!!! My Comcast "always on" cable internet connection is never on. Remember, the phrase "always on" or "always connected" is an oxymoron.

Anyways! Tonight I'm going to see Chili Peppers and Snoop Dogg in Concert at the Smirnoff Center! Y'all get ready for a story when I get back.....makes me remember going to see 311 when I was 14. I had never been around drunk people before, and I was worried about alcohol getting on my overalls and flannel shirt....I wonder what I'm gonna have to worry about tonight!!! HAHA!

This was a fun weekend! On Saturday I went shopping with my mom and little sister for a loooooong time! Then I went over to Jeff's to see a bunch of people I've missed....RAMI of course, Tyler, Andrew, Evan, etc. Then my room mate Katie calls! She was house sitting in Dallas and was scared, so the wonderful person that I am grabbed her pj's and drove out there to stay the night! We watched Emma till we fell asleep and she gave me my bday present!!! A lookalike Louis Vuitton bag, the spring print!!! I like to call it my "Gooey Vuitton".

Sunday I came back home for Happy Father's Day! We gave my dad a card and a CD visor. In May I gave him an autographed baseball from the Texas A&M Baseball Team, so it was his early present. We didn't do much but cook this chicken my dad wanted. Ever have Jamaican jerk chicken! ITs actually nice, not a jerk at all.

BOO YA!!!!

I'll write more when feel the urge, the urge to blurge!!!
love to y'all and deuce!


"C.Fo in the crowd, rockin to the Dogg, Snoop on stage, flowin wit da song, chicks start frontin, C.Fo don't take it, C.Fo busts a move and end up on da stage YEAH! :)

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