So remember my subprofile that used to work? HA! Well, no more!!!
It was full of fun antics, given to me by my room mate Katie. Let me tell about Katie. She is one of my best friends at school, and also lives with me at the sorority house. We like to call our room the "box", because it literally is. We don't have closets, oh no, we have wardrobes. And since we both made officer, we get to live there again next year!!!! Katie is a beautiful, very smart, friendly, happy, loving Christian girl whom I love with all my heart.

IT's a shame you all don't know her.....but you will.

Today I was lucky enough to get some MSGS from HER!!!! Here goes the AOL....

KCleaveland83: hey sweet roomie! I'm up at my momma's office filling in for the receptionist! Whoop! (Sarcasm...intense sarcasm) Hope all is well ---- call me and we can do something like tonight or tomorrow or whatever!!!

Auto response from yellocort33: At school !!!

KCleaveland83: p.s. i have never laughed so hard as when i was reading your blog---i mean literally almost peed my pants---not very professional eh?
KCleaveland83: i'm going to keep writing you dorky little messages---that way when you get home you have a plethora
KCleaveland83: Would you say that i have a plethora of pinatas?
KCleaveland83: heheheh
KCleaveland83: lalala i hate working here lalala answering phone is drear lalala i miss my c.fo lalala even if she's a hoe ( OOOOH!!!!!~~~ from my imaginary Jerry Springer crowd)
KCleaveland83: ps i'm talking to kelly doan and she made out with tim bailey ah hahahaha

Auto response from yellocort33: At school !!!

KCleaveland83: oh goodness that girl cracks me up
KCleaveland83: yeah so i'm still at work
KCleaveland83: just working it you know
KCleaveland83: working working working answering a few phones working working working
KCleaveland83: haha ok i think that's enough....peace out fool---talk to you fo shizzle
KCleaveland83: in a little bizzle

Do you know anyone that sends YOU a plethora of HILARIOUS messages? I bet not.....and for those of you that haven't seen Three Amigos, get your act together.

Props to Kelly for making out with Tim Bailey, who happens to be a YELL LEADER, HOLLA! Guess him and his gf broke up? :)

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