I like to Blog in the middle of the day, hay!

Song of the Day: "Act A Fool".....your new name is fire cause we just stomped you out!

So I went to hip hop class last night at that so so SO cool studio in Dallas..I love it there! In a couple weeks a guy named Roger thats touring with Justin Timberlake AND did all of his choreography is going to teach a class...I can't wait!!! Watch out worls, here comes the hip hop Queen C!

Its amazing that no matter what is going on in my life...and no matter how crummy life can sometimes be...Dancing is like medicine. It takes away all the hurt, pain, disappointment, and fear I have of anything. Wanna see he true me? Watch my eyes when I dance!

Anyways, I played b-ball after hip hop last night with some of my guy friends. 1 girl, 4 white guys, and 1 black dude. Who do they have me guard? The black dude. Need I remind you folks that I am a five foot four, blonde hair, blue eyed girl whose only 2 points scored in her whole basketball career were for the other team....GO CYCOS!

I was sittin in my WEIRD freshman english class today and I realized that I am one of three white people in my 25 person class. Also make that one of three that speak fluent english. I am also the only white girl! Who knew that Richland would be a cultural experience!!

Another tidbit to add to my REMEMBER WHEN file (If you haven't seen it yet, just ask me)
Today a girl asked me for a piece of gum...remember in middle school when the "cool" people mooched gum off of the little people, like it was our duty to provide them with chewing slash breath sustenance everyday? And we always let em. Well today I fought against middle school Cortney and I told cool girl "No." Plus I only had one piece of gum left....and it is for ME!

Victor Morales, the Texas politician who almost beat Phil Gramm for his seat in the US Senate came to talk to my government class today. I don't recall much of his talk, mostly because it was slightly political, about giving money to politicians and whatnot. I'll tell you what I do remember!!! He sang "I'm sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet," and then went off into a rift of "gibberish" and then ended with a version of "I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson". Pretty impressive huh? Nice break from freaky deeky gov't prof.....did I mention that he wears the same two shirts every other day. Today he wore his UTD Finance and Economics Club polo.....and tomorrow it will be the Texas Longhorns polo. Anyone wanna come in this bet? :)

Plans for tonight: chores, dinner, dance, and some b-ball. The life of champions.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Finding Nemo with my sisters and grandparents all you jealous, jealous people you!!!!

Deuce! - c.Fo

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