Finally getting to bed! I fell asleep so early last night and tonight I stayed up singing and dancing with my little sister and my mom, go figure! Anyways, this one goes out to all my Homies in Bruge. HEHE! J/K

English started at 9:40 today, as it will everyday for the next month! We watched an Iranian movie about women growing up....tear, tear. Then we had to write a paper about it, which I whipped out in under 2 hours, at about 1000 words. Small problem, its supposed to be 500, but if he's not countin, neither am I folks!

Then I went to Government, and he assigned discussion groups......I call em fun groups. Every one in my group #1 is chill, its all girls too! Thats good, means we'll get work done, uh huh!!

I went to Grapevine tonight to have dinner with my favorite HTE gals Sarah G and Traci. We were havin a superfun time till I reached down to cut my chicken and poof, the plate landed in my lap, along with all its friends, being the food. So I got a whole new dinner for free. Can't believe they lat that one slide!!! So I gave a good, good tip, I swear, biggest one I've ever laid out, in cash I might add! Anyways we had a lot of fun and laughs. Turns out all three of us are single, but I'm the only one who got dumped. Go figure! They're gettin ready to start dance camps like I wish I was doing, and I'm just trying to get through an entire summer of S-C-H-O-O-L!

As I was trying to get on the highway, some high school kids tried to roll down their window and get my number....HINT: If you want attention, wear your black Coach hat when you go places, people will either think you're stylin, or just be glad that they dont gotta see your nappy hair.

Today WAS a nappy hair day for me.

Song of the Day : "Right There" is off the heezy but I can't figure out what the group's name is...a little help kids!!!

Want to say thanks to my dad for making me 16 cups of strawberry banana of Kroger brand gelatin today. Notice how I didn't say "JELL-O"....why? Because I can't give props where props aren't due.

And I'm spent!

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