Amie is one of my coolest friends ever....thank the Lord she is an Aggie! (Mostly cause of me) WINK

amieb0930: hey girl
yellocort33: HEY!!
amieb0930: youre stayin with us this weekend right?
yellocort33: yup, thurs and fri night
amieb0930: yeah! and you're gonna wanna go out with us on thursday night right?
yellocort33: well sure!
amieb0930: u can meet my new black friends
yellocort33: yay black people!
amieb0930: i know...i've had a fair share of black people in the last week lol
yellocort33: you're so lucky
amieb0930: i told my new friends that...i was like " I'm going through black people withdrawal"
yellocort33: hahahahha
amieb0930: i deal with black people all day
amieb0930: all the kids at my camp are black
yellocort33: they're so fun!
amieb0930: haha they all are so shocked when i bust out singing a rap song
amieb0930: they asked me today if my daddy was black
yellocort33: i love it!
yellocort33: i cant wait to meet the cool black people!
amieb0930: they're great! haha like tony...by the way...i love your blogspot...i don't know how your mind works but it cracks me up everyday!
yellocort33: thats my goal
yellocort33: did you see my new one i just posted?
yellocort33: my rap is pretty good today!
amieb0930: i'm reading it right now
amieb0930: you're a crazy girl
amieb0930: what are you doing July 4th weekend....we just need to party it up the whole time you're here!
amieb0930: we could get some fireworks
amieb0930: and light them over the lake
yellocort33: i was hoping someone would ask me to do something with fire
amieb0930: haha
amieb0930: you're a nut
amieb0930: it freaks me out when i talk to you cuz you're staring at me
yellocort33: BOO!
yellocort33: i'm watching you.
amieb0930: with that smirk on your face
yellocort33: there's a hidden camera in my buddy icon
yellocort33: you know whats funny?
yellocort33: i took this icon from a friend
yellocort33: he used one of my pictures to make an icon, is that freaky or what!
amieb0930: weird
amieb0930: i'd be kinda scured
yellocort33: you are just pouring with enthusiasm A-dog.
amieb0930: haha I try

I'm gonna see Amie and Lauren this weekend!!!

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